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Apparel Trainer Vests Warm Weather Training Vest
Warm Weather Training Vest
Based on 15 reviews

Warm Weather Training Vest

Based on 15 reviews
  • All seams double-stitched
  • Open V-neck style
  • D-ring for leash
  • Ball pocket
  • Mesh back for ventilation
  • Made in the USA
  • This is a special order/custom made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days.
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The Warm Weather Training Vest is made in the USA, and is of the highest standard of workmanship. Made with mesh and marine-grade nylon. All seams are double stitched and bound for durability and comfort. The neck is a comfortable open V style. The back top of this vest is made of strong mesh for ventilation in warm weather training. The back large pouch pocket is also made of a layer of mesh that is lined for stability. On the side there is a D-ring to hook your leash when not in use and another D-ring on the top front under the ball pocket. The front has three large bottom pockets, one being mesh. On the top there is a pocket that opens at the side for quick access of your motivation ball or tug. The other front top pocket zips closed so you can keep items secure. The zipper is molded so no rusting. The arm holes are large enough to be comfortable.

Care Instructions

We recommend cold water, gentle cycle, and hang to dry.


Size Shoulder to Bottom Chest
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Verified Customer Review

It’s amazing! It really holds all the equipment you will ever need. All the pockets are extremely handy and once you start remembering what pocket contains what you need, you’re in business. Wanna treat? It’s right there. Need a ball? There’s two in the front left pocket. Cell phone, keys water you name it! And the pièce de résistance...the pocket on the back of the vest will hold a few frisbees, a large bite toy and whatever you wanna stick in there and everything comes out easy and goes put away easy. I can’t say enough about this vest. It’s a must have for any serious dog owner no matter what level of dog handling you do.

- on

Verified Customer Review

I have just purchased this vest, it is absolutely excellent to wear in warm weather. The many pockets allow you to carry your training rewards, keys, leads etc. I like the length of it, not too long, perfect as it is not bulky and allows you easily to see your dog when training in obedience. Excellent product, wish I purchased it years ago. I also like the quality of the material as I have a malinois and can confidently train in it.

- on

I received this vest today and it is perfect! I am small but ordered a medium and it is just great and I can wear it over a winter coat. Pockets are perfect and this will help me with the treats, balls and leashes I carry. Thanks guys for a perfect product!

- on

I am about to order my second Warm Weather Training Vest. Yes, I actually wore out my first one. With years of use, the seams and pocket zipper finally gave way. But that was with heavy, daily use over several years. And a large dog that occasionally tried to use it as a tug toy while I was wearing it. I MUST have a new one, or people won't recognize me!

Just to give you an idea of what I typically carry in the vest on a day to day basis: money, a tick tool, my house/car keys, tissues, treats, several poop bags, clickers , tug toy, two leashes (different sizes) attached to the D ring with the leashes themselves coiled into the left pocket. Have never lost a leash this way and I love how the clasps are instantly available to me. I did lose a leash before I started wearing this vest and using the D ring to attach the leashes. I wear it for training and during competition and when teaching class. Can't wait to get my new one!

- on

Roomy enough to fit over a few layers, so for me it will be fine for winter too.
I love how easy to use and clean the treat pocket is.
Right side pocket helps me use my ecollar controller.
Super solid quality.

- on

Great product. True fit, with ease of use pockets for all applications. The best part, is the ability to use in warm climates or with high energy work. I own the Hurtta obedience best as well. Due to the thickness, you really retain heat and moisture. The warm weather vest really allows you to move in high temp, while releasing built up moisture and allowing air to circulate. Full room for all training gear, and leads. Well worth the purchase. Highly recommend for those who do active training and or high energy work.

- on

Received my coat LOVE it! Very well made stores everything I could possibly need and then some.

The only thing is the 2nd time I wore it I went to put some kibble in the front left pocket, and it came out the bottom of the pocket!

-To me this was not a big deal, quick sewing machine fix, but it did look like it wasn't even sewed in, just a little off...

-My recommendation to Leerburg, is make sure your quality stays top notch! I didn't mind fixing my vest, but others might....

I would still give this vest a 5 out of 5!

- on

Customer submitted image

Hi Cindy,

I wanted to let you guys know how many compliments I get on your training vest. I've probably sold several of them to my training friends! I love it. I bought two different ones, but it's the shorter one with the mesh that I wear all the time. I wear it for training and trialing. Here's a shot from a recent Rally trial of me and my dog, Georgia.

- on

After some deliberation I chose this vest because of the mesh back. Living in Australia with a lot of hot weather, I thought it would be the most suitable for our climate. Currently it is winter, but I am delighted with the purchase and just love all the pockets, especially the zip pocket to keep my keys safe when away from the car. I am currently using it for tracking and it is certainly making my life a lot easier, no need to search through all those pockets in my many layers of clothes. Thank you again Leerburg for another great product.


- on

I have had my Warm Weather Training Vest for about a month now, and it has exceeded my expectations in all respects. It is well-made and very functional. I have pockets for all the stuff I want to keep handy: training toys, treats, whistle, clicker, cell phone, whatever. I keep dry treats in the right front mesh pocket and a light leash in the back pocket at all times so I can immediately grab it and run should I need to retrieve a dog in an emergency. The rest of the time it's just plain handy to have on the back of a chair for a quick training session or to take the puppy out for a potty break. The open mesh sections will be especially appreciated soon as summer approaches since San Antonio can be very, very hot! In cooler weather I have worn it over a jacket.

I expected to like the vest when I ordered it, but at this point I don't know how I got along without it. There is even a place to stash a small camera so I can send pictures of the foster puppy to the coordinators showing progress in training. The quality is excellent so it shouldn't need to be replaced for wear any time soon.

Thank you for providing this excellent product!


- on

A very good morning to you!

The parcel arrived on a Saturday afternoon and I must tell you I was sooo happy! I went to the airport to pick up my loved one and presented it to him. He put it on instantly and has put it on since that day everytime we are out walking the dogs or doing dog training. He likes it so much and is very happy. The sewing is all so well done and overall it's a fantastic training vest!

A really BIG thank you for making it possible for me with your kindness and special arrangements.


Best Regards,

- on


I received my order on Thursday!!! I've worn the vest twice since I got it and I absolutely LOVE it!! It's awesome! I finally have a place to put all my training stuff, balls, squeakers, treats, short leashes, poop bags, my phone, a Frisbee!!! You name it and I can fit it in this vest! I LOVE it!!! Just wanted to let you guys know that I think it's amazing!

Thanks for everything,

- on

I received my new warm weather training vest yesterday and I am very impressed. This is a very high quality, very well-made vest. The materials and construction of the vest are top-quality. The vest is well worth the price. I have seen a few others that are about the same price and maybe a little more and they do not compare to this one. I am sure I will not be able to wear this vest out for many, many years.

Thanks for the great products,
Bemidji, MN

- on

I really like this vest. However the first one I ordered, I had to return because the pocket seam was not sewn properly and there was hole where the treats fell out. I got my second vest and a few months after using it the pocket seam opened up and the treats fell out. I have repaired the pocket seam twice. I still like the vest. the front bottom pockets are the perfect size to dip into and deliver treats easily and rapidly. Even though there is some mesh construction, the solid fabric is pretty hot and I rarely use the mesh pocket in the back. I don't think the solid material has to be on the back, all mesh back and a little more breathable mesh front would be very nice. I would sure like something similar with more mesh and double reinforced bottom front pocket seams.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Ventilated back and back mesh pocket are fabulous. Super durable material and stitch construction that looks like it will last. Generous arm holes. I had hoped this would be everything great that I had heard about this vest, perhaps it's just not the one for me. I was looking to replace my not-so-well-ventilated gardening vest that has a two bumper limit. The only secure, zippered pocket will not fit phone. The lower front pockets are easy to get into but poop bags and treats fall out easy if you tend to be a person that spends any time bent over, or on the ground with dogs. I will partially sew or magnetize the lower pockets so they don't open so easily and sew in some secured interior pockets for phone, keys, multi-tool.

- on

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