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Apparel Bait Bags Treat Tote
Treat Tote
Based on 3 reviews
$8.99 - $11.25

Treat Tote

Based on 3 reviews
$8.99 - $11.25
  • Reward-based training made simple
  • Draw string closure secures treats inside and opens with one hand
  • Clips on to a belt or pocket and keeps treats accessible
  • Quality dual-layered construction
  • Colors may vary
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Professional dog trainers recommend positive reinforcement to be given at the moment your dog obeys a command. The Treat Tote gives you a no fuss way to communicate, "Good Dog!" to your best pal. Fill your tote with treats, clip it onto your belt or pocket, and let the training begin.

Small totes hold 1 cup or 0.25 liters, and large totes hold 2 cups or 0.5 liters.

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Great product

- on

This treat bag beats at least several others for reasons not immediately visible:
1) Plastic belt clip easily fits over regular and oversized belts, and waistbands
2) Belt clip is above bag
a. it's easier to clip on without moving bag material out of way
b. bag hangs below the waist, and below the hem of many jackets so you can wear a jacket and still easily reach the bag. Or hike the jacket up only a little bit. Many rain jackets go down enough to cover the bag mouth.
3) Bag is lined; can be pulled inside out to clean out crumbs, old bits of treats. On the minus side, when water gets in then it won't dry fast-see next note
4) Draw for pull string to close mouth is on the outside; no fumbling to reach it and it's easier to pull it shut when the weather turns misty/raining. The pull string closes it well enough that it wards off light rain/mist for a least a while - water will eventually collect and get in but for a walk around the block it's great.
When we buy new treat bags (because I'm stupid and left it where the dog has a new tasty chew toy) we buy these.

- on

I bought two of these. Not up to the quality of other items I have purchased from Leerberg. The construction of the pouch itself is very solid. However the drawstring began fraying after a few uses making it impossible to slide the clasp along the drawstring. I tried melting down the frayed spots on the drawstring which was partially successful but more appeared. I can still use the pouch by pushing it down the drawstring when I want it closed - it stays closed pretty well but it would be more secure if a better quality drawstring was used in the construction of the pouch.

- on

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