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Dog Sports Nosework/Scent Work Leerburg's Food Delivery Device
Leerburg's Food Delivery Device
Based on 4 reviews
$6.50 $4.25

Leerburg's Food Delivery Device

Based on 4 reviews
$6.50 $4.25
  • Used to build drive and motivation for dogs with high food drive
  • 4" long and 2" diameter
  • Colors vary
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Treats not included.


This small plastic container turns your dog’s treats into a very rewarding toy. The food delivery device is used to build drive and motivation with dogs that have high food drive. When used properly this device can enhance the excitement and focus that your dog has for its treats.

These devices are not dishwasher safe.

Bought this product?

I have and use quite a few of these containers. I have them in the car, the SUV, in the training bag, and always keep one in my pocket.

It is small enough to keep on me when I am out with the dog, just in case a training situation comes up (which it always does). I automatically have a treat to give my dog for a job well done. It keeps the dampness from my roast beef cubes from dripping in my pocket.

I also use them for hot dog pieces, cheese, but mostly just tiny dry kibble treats. I place one on top of my bookcase near an area where I have space to work with my dobermans , so I can just reach up and voila! a treat is available any time I need one.

Using these containers for training treats worked to help me go from that period where the dog says "you don't have a treat so I wont listen to you" to " I will do what you ask, just in case you might give me a treat, even though I don't see a treat in your hand"

These are good little inexpensive containers for holding training treats.

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I purchased the Food Delivery Device to use in scent training and found it excellent for building drive and rewarding, so much so I've ordered another one. Keep up the great range of products.

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The film shows the Leerburg handler using the device to create drive by the dog retrieving the device & playing with it. The device is continually given to the dog by the handler in the accompanying video. As a previous reviewer stated, it did not last past one crunch from my Lab in nosework. If it is not to be used in this manner then the training video should be deleted.

It is handy for keeping your pockets clean and as an aid in dispensing treats. Did not work as well with cut string cheese as it did with cubed harder cheese.

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I thought this product would help my dog to eat more slowly, but when it arrived it was clear that it wouldn't work for my 80lb dog. The clear cylinder is made of a heavy-duty film--not a hard plastic. One crunch and that cylinder was misshapen with bite marks, the lid came off, and Jackpot! All of the food spilled out.

A Note from Leerburg:
This device is not for dogs to get treats out of themselves, but rather a training aid we use in training Nosework. It can be seen in use in some of the Nosework videos on our website. We do not recommend giving this device to your dog.

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