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Ikon X-Back Harness
Based on 3 reviews

Ikon X-Back Harness

Based on 3 reviews
  • Suited for light-medium duty pulling
  • Recommended for dogs with narrow body builds
  • Padding provides comfortable support in the neck and shoulder areas
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Uniquely suited for light-medium duty pulling, be it recreational, racing, or skijoring. Soft, luxurious padding provides comfortable support in the neck and shoulder areas.

Due to the form fitting style of this harness, we recommend it for dogs with narrow body builds (eg. Siberians, Pointers, and Dalmatians). Please be accurate and weigh your dog. For dogs with narrow builds, but abundant coats (eg. Collies, Samoyeds, etc.) order one size larger for better fit.

The harness may look loose (see photos above without a leash) on the back when the dog is not pulling into it. Please test the pulling to see if the harness fits properly.


Medium40-45 lbs
Medium/Large46-52 lbs
Large53-61 lbs
XLarge61-70 lbs
XXLarge71-85 lbs
Huge86-100 lbs
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I have used this style harness for bite work for puppies and adolescents since the early 90's. It is really great for allowing the dog to stay in balance. I have never had it break. It is especially good for those dogs who leap high in the air and would have a tendency to fall over when they hit the point of the leap/pull where they get off balance. I've never had a dog fall or land awkwardly with this harness. It is a different sensation to hold the dog on this harness, so you have to develop a feel for it to know exactly how far forward your dog can go. I have never had dogs cough or have restricted breathing with this harness. I am so pleased that Leerburg is carrying these.

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Awesome harness!!! My malinois chokes on an agitation collar and an agitation harness rides up and chokes her out too. This harness distributes the pressure evenly during bite work. No more gasping for air which results in better bites and longer sessions since she doesn't tire out due to lack of air! Thanks for the heads up on this harness!!

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I've had this harness for a few months now and it's works awesome. I haven't put any major tension on it yet but have used it mainly to give my dog a little more exercise on our bike rides by having her drag a smaller chain on the ground. I use an old leash to clip the the back loops of the harness, and then string a chain through the handle of the leash which she drags. If you have high energy dogs, this is a great way to get rid of some of the excess energy.

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