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Training Dogs to Get Along with Horses
Based on 1 reviews

Training Dogs to Get Along with Horses

Based on 1 review
Training Dogs to Get Along with Horses Cover Art
  • 2 hour, 48 minutes long
  • Released Winter 2012
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
  • Format: DVD-R
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While this DVD is not a horse training DVD, the video above is a short video of Cindy doing marker training with Tux (one of our Leerburg horses). We use marker training in a lot of our dog and horse training, but the focus of this dvd is how to train dogs to get along with horses with markers.

Here at Leerburg we own horses and a number of dogs. We breed German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois and we also own 2 Corgis We also own Rocky Mountain gaited horses and quarter horses. A number of years ago when we decided to add horses it quickly became evident that we needed to train our dogs to get along with our horses. We did not expect our dogs to become good buddies with our horses but we did expect them to learn to live peacefully with the horses. Cindy and I have years of experience with both horses and dogs. This DVD teaches people how to desensitize their dogs to their horses. In our step-by-step program we teach our dogs to accept our horses as part of their family pack. This DVD was filmed over a 2 1/2 year period. We followed the training steps for one of our personal dogs (CJ). The viewer will have the opportunity to see CJ's first exposure to a number of the training steps we recommend in this DVD People can see the issues that came up with him and then relate to problems they may have with their own dogs and horses.

We have a segment on how we safely introduce our puppies to horses at 8 weeks of age. By starting young dogs this entire process goes much easier. We understand that most people who buy this DVD will have horse aggressive dogs. We have included this puppy section so their next dog does not have to be that way. We demonstrate dogs with prey drive that chase horses and explain how to solve that problem. We also have a segment on dogs that are aggressive to horses. This segment shows how to safely handle these dogs and their training around horses. We have a detailed section on desensitizing a non-aggressive dog to a horse. This starts with work around the round pen and progress through the training steps to have your dog be safe while you are in the saddle. We have a detailed step by step section on preparing your dog to be controlled from the saddle. If you can't control your dog from your saddle you can never take your dog with you when you ride. To have complete control your dog must know and understand the DOWN command and the RECALL under distraction. The DVD explains how to accomplish this.

When a remote collar is used properly it is the quickest, safest and most humane training tool available for this work. The main problem with collar training is that people don't understand it and they think it is abusive. I have a section in this DVD on the introduction of the remote collar. I explain and demonstrate how I use a collar with my dogs while working with my horses. I am 100% sure that anyone who watches this DVD will come away with a new found respect for the value of correct collar work. Our program is a simple step-by-step program that produces excellent results. Dog training (and horse training) is not rocket science. You will find that the steps in my program are simple to understand and easy to follow. We prefer to train our dogs (and horses) by first developing a bond with the dog and then using that bond of trust to guide the guide the dog into the behavior we desire. Once an dog has learned to trust and respect us as their pack leader training is always quicker and easier. This DVD is a "Dog Training DVD" not a "Horse Training DVD." For one reason or another some horses are dog aggressive. While the end result of our training may help to get your horse used to being around dogs, it's not the intent of this DVD to train dog aggressive horses. In closing I like to tell people that dog training is not breed specific, it's temperament and drive specific. That means that our methods work for all breeds of dogs.


  1. Introduction
  2. Introducing Puppies to Horses
  3. Equipment
  4. Introduction to the Remote Collars
  5. Desensitizing Dogs to Horses
  6. Dogs That Chase Horses
  7. Ground Work for the Down
  8. Riding with Your Dog
  9. Appi Kamps in Holland
  10. Outtakes
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I just wanted to say this video is GREAT! It helped me introduce my Malinois puppy to my horses correctly so now he's well on the way to being the perfect trail dog. The steps were so simple and easy to follow and watching your dog CJ learn each step was very helpful as well.

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Equipment used in this dvd
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