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DVDs & CDs Obedience Training The Power of Training Dogs w/ Markers
The Power of Training Dogs w/ Markers
Based on 8 reviews

The Power of Training Dogs w/ Markers

Based on 8 reviews
The Power of Training Dogs w/ Markers Cover Art
  • 3 hours, 33 minutes long
  • Released Fall 2008
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
  • Also available as a self-study online course! CLICK HERE to sign up!
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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This video was written and produced by Ed Frawley. It's goal is to introduce the dog trainer to the world of marker training in dogs. It sets the stage for the series of training DVD's that Ed later produced with Michael Ellis.

Marker training (also called clicker training) is one of the most profound systems of training dogs that I have seen in my 50 years of owning, breeding and training working dogs.

In reality this is a training system that is not that difficult to learn. In it's most basic form it's a method of communication that is very very clear for the dog. Dogs learn the marker language quickly and when they do they thrive in the training. The marker system produces dogs that love to train.

I had been training dogs for almost 45 years when I started to learn this system. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I saw how well it worked and the attitude of my dogs that were being trained with markers. The fact is I still feel like that when I see dogs work with markers.

It was not that many years ago (in 1990’s) that I was pretty vocal about how stupid I thought clicker training was. Those comments were made from a position of ignorance and a lack of understanding. Simply put, I was dead wrong and I made those comments without knowing the details of how the system worked. The power of marker training lies in understanding and applying the details.

Dog training is a learned skill. The goal of this DVD is to introduce dog trainers to the details of training with markers. In my DVD I show and demonstrate the finer points of the marker system. I not only demonstrate the use of markers in the basic commands, but I also included examples of how markers can be used in more difficulty exercises, like the retrieve and the send away.

Trainers must understand the details of this system if they are to be successful. Once they grasp the concept and learn to apply it to their training they create dogs that become problem solvers and dogs that love the work.

The concept markers can be applied to any dog sport, including bite work.

You can get a feel for the content of this DVD by going to my web site and reading the article I wrote on The Power of Training with Markers.

Marker training can be started on 8 week old puppies or 6 year old dominant rescue dogs. It is a purely positive method of training dogs that is 100% non-confrontational. That is one of the reasons it can work with dominant dogs. This system goes a long way towards building or repairing the bond between handler and dog.

While I sincerely believe that training dogs with the motivational methods of marker training is the best way to train a dog, I also believe that this work needs to be balanced by introducing corrections into the more advanced training. Purists would argue this point but in my DVD I discuss when and how certain dogs need corrections.

Since the early 1900’s dog training has been an evolving skill. We only need to look back to the 1970’s and the methods of William Kholer or Winifred Strickland to see how far dog training has improved is the last 25 years. In my opinion no one is ever going to reinvent a better way to train dogs than with markers. The only thing that we will see change will be people who do a better job of applying this method of dog training.

If you have trained dogs for years and think you are pretty good but you do not work with the marker system, I suggest you take a few days and study this DVD. You too may find a whole new method of K9 communication and it may re-ignite a fire in your belly to get out and train.

What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?

DVD: 3 hours, 33 minutes (physical copy and immediate streaming access)

Stream: 3 hours, 33 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 81 videos (238 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere


  1. What is Marker Training
  2. Five Core Words of Marker Training
  3. How to Start Marker Training
    • Charge the Mark
    • When to Use the Clicker over the Marker YES
  4. Delivery of Reward
  5. Placement of the Reward
  6. How to Offer Food Rewards Safely
    • Low Food Drive Dogs
  7. Vary How You Reward
    • Hand Muggers
    • Food Rewards
    • Ask Your Dog What He Likes
    • Food Rewards vs Toy Rewards
  8. Splitting and Shaping
    • Shaping Raine
    • Back-Chain an Exercise
  9. Luring and Signals
    • Training the look
    • Luring requires an Exit Strategy
  10. When and How Do I Stop Using Food Rewards
  11. Marker Train a Human
  12. Adding Commands
    • When a Dog Does Not Perform a Command
    • Screw Up Cookies - When and How to Use them
  13. Adding Duration with "GOOD"
  14. Handlers need to learn patience
  15. Negative Markers
  16. Adding Corrections
  17. Impulse Control and Distraction
  18. Adult Dogs; Dominant Dogs; Rescue Dogs and Marker Training
  19. Your Voice is a Powerful Tool - Use it
  20. Using Food Rewards to Train Your Dog
  21. Credits
  22. Bloopers
Bought this product?

This is a great video, and important. I thought I had a grasp on Marker training. Well I was wrong and since learning to properly Marker train, it seems we speak the same language, and have gotten a lot further, a lot faster. Great video. Thank you

- on

I now have 4 DVD's from Leerburg Kennels. Ed Frawley is one the best dog trainers out there. He has put together some great DVDs that breakdown training into manageable steps that the novice can follow. And what I respect and value most about his training is that he uses a lot of common sense. I have a trainer that comes to my house and she cannot believe how well trained my Australian Shepard is. And the dog loves the training.

- on

Between all in person, written and video base instruction on dog training this one is by far the most useful I have found. The instructions on the method of marker training are easy to follow and build well from one lesson to the next. There is enough repetition to let the lessons sink in, but not so much that it gets boring.

- on

I had emailed Cindy a few months ago regarding my shy adopted Golden, Rose. She seemed to be afraid of everything and did not really want to do anything with us. Cindy suggested getting this video and staring some marker training with Rose to build our relationship and help bring her out of her shell. Well, I bought the video and after some initial wariness on Rose's part, things have progressed splendidly. Rose has become the social butterfly we knew she could be. We have even started agility training - also on Cindy's suggestion to help boost her self confidence- and she's doing great! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but the complete change in Rose's demeanor has made me a total believer in Marker Training!

- on

Excellent information that is presented in a simple and clear manner and demonstrated in different situations with different dogs to make sure everyone can get the idea. For someone who is better versed in any kind of marker training, it can become repetitive but it is perfect for beginners in either dog training or crossing over to the reward based dog training that encourages the dog to be an active participant (often the crossover trainers and dogs are the ones who are more confused than the complete beginners!). I had dabbled in Pryor-style clicker training for years before watching this and had been right there, lurking all over the Leerburg website when the original marker training article was published and I studied it to the T and applied and learned. The same happened when the article was revised. As a result of me completely geeking out I have to admit that I could have just stuck to the Michael Ellis "critical core" DVDs of "Training your dog with food" and "Playing tug with your dog" but I don't regret getting the whole set. I would certainly advise this to a very visual learner or a beginner to marker training to lay the foundation to hit the ground running with the Michael Ellis "critical core" and beyond.

- on

Very clear instructions to teaching dogs how to work with markers and proceed to more advanced obedience. It will work with either clicker or toys.

- on

This DVD has completely changed my mind on marker training. I previously thought it was bribery and had no real place in behavior modification or even obedience training... An ideal I feel is due to watching too much Cesar Milan.

There's a scene in this dvd where a trainer takes out her dog (who is well versed in marker training) and puts down a pipe. From the get-go, the dog was actively offering her behaviors and trying to figure out what it is that her owner wanted. After 2 training sessions it understands that Cindy (the trainer) wants the dog to pick up the pipe.

It's also a fairly balanced method; corrections are talked about and opinions are given as its place in training.

- on

This is a wonderful DVD. I have trained with markers before but this DVD went way into the whys and hows to train your dog using markers. I use both clicker and voice depending on what I am training my dog for. The use of many trainers working their dogs is helpful.

- on

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