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Grooming Your German Shepherd
Based on 1 reviews

Grooming Your German Shepherd

Based on 1 review
Grooming Your German Shepherd Cover Art
  • 31 minutes long
  • Released 2002
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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This video is directed towards the owners of German Shepherd Dogs (GSD).

All you need to do a good job grooming your GSD are a few basic tools and the knowledge of how to use them properly. This video gives you this information.

Our 25 minute tape takes you step by step through the grooming, bathing and drying process. The video breaks “brushing” down into 5 easy steps. We explain in detail how to use each of the grooming tools. We show how to properly clip or trim your dogs nails and how to clean their ears.

Here at Leerburg, every new employee takes this tape home and watches it several times. After that’s done, there is never any questions about what needs to be done when a dog in our kennel needs to get bathed and groomed. This tape was done with the help of a professional grooming school in Minneapolis, MN.

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Definately dated but still holds some value in the information provided. Worth the money for the streaming version.

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