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51 Puppy Tricks
Based on 0 reviews

51 Puppy Tricks

Based on 0 reviews
  • By Kyra Sundance
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages

51 Puppy Tricks gives puppy owners the tools they need to teach behaviors and tricks to their puppy through step-by-step instructions and photographs.

Most other puppy training books focus on curbing bad behavior. Some have training, but only the most basic tricks. Kyra’s curriculum differs from that of 101 Dog Tricks in that the instructions are geared for the less mature dog.

Table of Contents

  • Author's note
  • Introduction
  • Preliminary Skills: respond to a clicker, touch my hand, watch me, settle, kennel up, come, stay, find me
  • Body Positions: sit, down, crawl, roll over, paws up, bow your head, tug, kisses, head cock, walk on a loose leash, shake hands, bark, sing
  • Coordination: tunnel, teeter board, spin, figure 8, volleyball, jump over my leg, hoop jump, hide yourself in a box, wipe your paws, flying disc,
  • Communication: ring a bell to go outside, get your leash, bring your food dish, sit before chow time, leave it, which hand holds the treat?, shell game, find the hidden veggies, close the door, turn on a tap light
  • Shape Behavior: soccer, beginning fetch, fetch the newspaper to hand, open the door, hide your eyes, skateboard
  • Chaining: tidy up toys into toy box, litter in the step can, soda from the fridge, mail from the mailbox
  • Appendix: Tricks by Skill Level
  • Glossary of Terms
  • About the Author
  • Also by Kyra Sundance
  • About the Photographer

About the Author

Kyra Sundance and Chalcy, her Weimaraner, are world-class dog trick show performers and trainers, and are regulars at sporting events, fairs, and circuses. They've performed on TV shows around the world including The Tonight Show, Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, and Showdog Moms & Dads, and have trained on movie sets. The pair is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports.

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