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Leashes Amish Leather Leashes 1/2 inch Lightweight Leather Leash with Handle
1/2 inch Lightweight Leather Leash with Handle
Based on 16 reviews
$25.00 - $41.00

1/2 inch Lightweight Leather Leash with Handle

Based on 16 reviews
$25.00 - $41.00
  • MADE IN AMERICA Amish handmade with latigo Leather
  • High-quality stainless steel snap
  • Designed for all dogs
  • Snaps are sewn and riveted for extra security
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Our Made In America Leerburg dog training leashes are the finest leather dog leashes that money can buy.

Our dog leashes are made from soft Latigo leather. You will never find a leash of this quality in any pet store or dog food warehouse.

The 1/2 inch wide leather leash was a very necessary addition to our selection of leather leashes. This leash is 6 feet long and riveted for added strength, but thinner at only 1/2 inch wide. Perfect for mid-sided dogs like Jack Russell Terriers or Cocker Spaniels! They are identical in construction as our 4 and 6 foot Leather Leashes that are 3/4 inches wide. The only difference is that these are lighter and thinner.

The snaps on our leather dog leashes and collars are made from the highest quality stainless steel. These snaps are generally sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security available. This is very important in Schutzhund and police protection training where a broken leash can cause disaster.

The snap needs to be the finest quality contstruction possible. The snaps on our leather leads are high quality hardware. A snap that fails can result in a loose dog that could cause any number of problems, such as:

  • Biting someone
  • Running into the street and get hit by a car
  • Resulting in a dog fight

Remember snaps don't break while they are hanging off the dogs neck. They break when the dog is straining into the leash trying to get something or go somewhere.

The next thing to look for in a good leash is to see how the snap is attached to the leather leash. If the leash is wide enough, the snaps should be sewn and pop-riveted. Most of our leather items are sewn and riveted.


Leerburg leather products are works of art.

The cow hides used to make all of Leerburg's leather are hand selected for Leerburg before tanning. We need and use the thickest hides available. Our hides go through over 85 steps in a tanning process that takes over a month. There are many types of Latigo leather that are made in Mexico, India, or Pakistan, but none can compare to the quality of Leerburg’s Latigo leather.

Once tanned, our Leerburg Leather is delivered to the Amish family that crafts our leather products right here in Wisconsin. This family has been making all of our leather products for the past 20 years.

These 5 Amish craftsmen hand cut, sew, pop-rivet, and tailor all of our leather products. We have yet to come across another leather product that measures up to our products' quality.

In 2015, we switched from using brass or bronze hardware to stainless steel. Stainless Steel is stronger and lasts a lifetime. You can go and find a cheaper leather product somewhere else, but the quality will not measure up to our products.

It should go without saying that no leather leash should ever be used as a tie-out. Dog's can chew through any leather leash if you allow them to. Our leashes are not warrantied to be CHEW PROOF.

100% of Leerburg leather products are made in Wisconsin. We don't use leather from India, Pakistan, or Mexico.

Similar Leashes

We carry leather leashes that are 1/2" wide, 3/4" wide, and 3/8" wide. Here's a picture comparing them:

Amish Leather Leashes in widths 3/4", 1/2", and 3/8"


Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer from leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing and dogs.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather leashes are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

Since we cannot make a ten foot leash with one continuous piece of leather, we modified the design. The handle and snap ends of leather are sewn and riveted onto the main portion of the leash. The leather is not spliced together along the length as many other manufacturers do.

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Verified Customer Review

Love Love LOVE this leash! So glad to see the brass hardware is back. Have had the black 4ft 1/2" lightweight for 5 years now and find it perfect for my 90lb german shepherd. This leash has worn in beautifully, is usually dragged on all surfaces; cement, grass, rivers, trails, you name it. The leather doesn't bubble, buckle, or separate like other leashes we've tried, it dries quickly and rinses well, and just gets better with age. Purchasing the brass/brown now before it disappears again!

- on

I use the 1/2” 6 foot leash for both my chocolate lab and cattle dog. Turns out the 3/4” was a bit to much leash for us. My guys have been known to pull on occasion but I’ve never felt that the thinner leash wouldn’t hold them. The leashes get a daily workout and have been dragged on concrete and through wet grass, water, mud, you name it. Holding up great so far and feel better in hand with each passing day. Highly recommend these leashes!!

- on

Verified Customer Review

I have purchased a couple leather Police Leashes from Leerburg for my adult Labradors in training and found them to be excellent. I just got a Lab puppy that is now 16 weeks and about 25lbs with a moderate tracking pull. I found the police leash right now is a little heavy for her personality and stage of training so I purchased the 6 ft 1/2 inch lightweight. All I can say is WOW! The first time I used it she pranced like she loved the difference. I certainly did with much easier control while walking her in one hand and her big brother on the police leash in the other. I find for her age and training level that the 6ft gives me the ability to adjust from close heeling to the right length when extended for training her with stay, hand signals, free walks, etc. All this while giving her the confidence of being near me! The leash (as always with Leerburg Amish leather) is VERY well made and well worth the price. I love this leash and would highly recommend it. Once again, THANK YOU LEERBURG! You have made my training much easier!

- on

I bought two of the six foot leashes for my German Shepherds. They are a comfortable weight, sturdy and reliable in standing up to two gsd's that pull when they hit their track.
The best part about these is that they only get better over time! They are not hard to break in and are comfortable in the hand (s) but over the years become even more so. I have recommended them to owners of all kinds and they too, are as pleased with them as I am. This is a great purchase! Don't hesitate!

- on

I love this 10' leash! Very high quality and makes it easy to control my high-energy, strong, 6 month Belgian Tervuren puppy. Leather is beautiful; hardware sturdy; Amish quality through and through. I've purchased several items from Leerburg and everything is top notch!

- on

I bought a couple of leashes from Leerburg for my Belgian Tervuren puppy to grow into, and not for one moment have I been disappointed! So glad I found Leerburg! The quality is outstanding; the workmanship is the best. Beautiful, sturdy leather that softens with use and will probably last forever. I especially love the 10' as he's a VERY energetic 5-month old, and VERY strong already, and is easily controlled, and exercised with my 10' lead. Will definitely be a Leerburg customer forever, and HIGHLY recommend their products!

- on

I purchased this 1/2'' 6' leash 10 years ago, I believe it was. The dog that was in service with it has since passed this previous year but I wanted to leave a review on it before I retire it. I've since brought a Malinois pup into my pack here and he is a year old now and will have to move to the 3/4'' which I'll also review.

Now, this same 1/2 leash, I've been using on the Malinios during his initial growth period. And the leash remains in excellent structural condition. It has also maintained its appearance after all of these years. In fact, it almost looks as new as the day it shipped so long ago. As long as one takes care of it with a bit of saddle soap once in a while and uses the leash as it was designed to be used, it'll serve you well for many, many years. This is an excellent product. And, in fact, it is the best leash I've ever used.

While I'm here, I also want to say something about the fact that these are hand made by the Amish community. The workmanship that the Amish put into this product is impeccable. Living near the Amish community myself near bordering Pennsylvania, I go out of my way to shop for their products of all kinds. The quality is absolutely top notch as is their commitment and work ethic. The workmanship is flawless and it speaks for the judgment of Leerburg to seek workmanship of that level.

Thank You

- on

I wanted a leash to use around the house with my new GSD puppy and Cindy recommended this size and length. I originally wanted the 10ft length but went with the 6ft. I'm glad I did because the 6ft is long enough for tethering my pup to me. When I first took it out of the package it was a little stiff, but after working with it after a week it softened up a lot. I love this leash. So much so I ordered more leather products from Leerburg! :)

- on

I bought the 1/2" leash 7 years ago for my rottweiler puppy. I'm still using it every day for my full grown male rottie who is not always as well behaved on leash as he should be. It is still strong, supple and in great condition with not one broken stitch or loose rivet. I never felt it necessary to get the wider leash as this one is plenty strong enough. I'm sure I will be using this leash for many more years. The best money I ever spent on my dog - a true bargain.

- on


- on

I purchased this leash a year ago to use with a GL on my Aussies. I have been very happy with it. The leather softened quickly, the snap is good quality. I get asked weekly where I bought it. Definitely recommend it!!!

- on

I bought this lead about 5 years ago for my Border Terrier puppy. It is a wonderful lead, better now than when it was new! It's strong, supple, and comfortable to use, and is the perfect size for a small, but powerful dog. It has been drug through just about everything; mud, weeds, ocean water, ponds, you name it. Rinse the crud off, wipe it off, and you'd never know it had touched the ground. I treated it with Neet's Foot Oil a few times when it was new, and now it is pretty much water proof. There may be another Border Terrier puppy coming into my world, and when it does, another one of these leads will come with it. I've never found anything as good, in this size.

- on

Never knew that I would take so much pride in a dog leash. This leash is durable with high quality. On top of that it is soft on the hands and doesn't bite into the skin like nylon webbing. Best of all it is handmade it the good ole USA.

- on

The leashes are the best out there.
I have tried a couple of other companies and the (3) that I got from Leerburg have lasted me for over 4 years, excellent quality and durability.
I still have them and they are as strong and sturdy as new.
I will buy again (if they ever wear out)

- on

This is a great leash, itll last probably longer than a lifetime if properly cared for. The clip, stitching and rivet are all great quality. Cons? The leather's a bit thick in my opinion, I wish the edges of the leash were softer and when it arrived it was extremely dry and quickly soaked up 3 coats of neatsfoot oil. I let it soak and then days later applied 3 coats of Lexol leather conditioner to further soften the leather. With regular use these leashes may quickly become your fave, I'm on my 2nd leerburg leash purchase.

- on

I have 2 of these leashes, one police style and the other a six foot lead. The quality is top notch, only complaint is the leather is still a bit rough on the inside of the handle. It has become a bit better but still a little rough.

- on

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