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TUF-FOOT Solution
Based on 2 reviews
$15.99 $11.75

TUF-FOOT Solution

Based on 2 reviews
$15.99 $11.75
  • 7 fl. oz. spray bottle
  • Protects feet against bruises, blisters, and foot soreness
  • Toughens soft, cracked, sore, and tender feet
  • Ideal for hunting dogs, working dogs, and all dogs on the move
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Aids in protecting feet against bruises, blisters and foot soreness. Guaranteed to toughen soft, cracked, sore ,and tender feet. TUF-FOOT is ideal for hunting dogs, working dogs, and all dogs on the move. Can also be used on horses to toughen soft frogs.

TUF-FOOT was originally created by Dr. Andrew Bonn in 1935 from natural healing balsams. It contains no harmful chemicals which cause the foot to become hard and dry. Using TUF-FOOT helps to condition the pads of your dogs feet by toughening the tissue. TUF-FOOT has been recommended by veterinarians and trainers for years.

Safe for dogs that lick their paws after application. The quick drying formula dissipates quickly and any remaining residue is innocuous. If a large quantity were directly ingested then you should seek medical attention immediately. Keep bottle out of reach of children and animals.

TUF-FOOT can aid in healing torn, cut, or irritated paws. You can also use TUF-FOOT to prepare your dogs paws for special occasions. Use the product daily for up to a week prior to the event you are preparing for. Afterwards, apply it twice a week to maintain the foot.

Active Ingredients:

Balsams, Peru, Tolu, Styrax, Aloe, and Benzoin. 75% of formula is Isopropyl Alcohol.


  • Apply the product to a cotton ball and swab it on the desired area
  • Allow to dry (less than a minute)
  • Use daily preferably at night until the feet are in good condition
  • Follow up with aplications twice a week


TUF-FOOT works by toughening skin tissue. It is based on herbs and balsams that aboriginal tribes use on their feet to withstand injury in the harsh outback.


Due to the ingredients that give TUF-FOOT its rich amber color the product will stain fabrics. Supplements cannot be shipped to Japan.

Bought this product?

I purchased this product because my greyhound has "tender" feet. I live in an apartment so I don't have a yard for my dogs to run around it. Consequently we walk a lot on concrete sidewalks or hike on rocky trails. I wanted something to make it less painful for my greyhound. He had no open wounds or sores on his feet. He just walked like the sidewalks were rough to him. After only a week of putting Tuf-foot on his pads (once a day at first) I could TELL A DIFFERENCE in how he was walking! Now I put the stuff on every other day. He does not lick his feet to get it off.

ADDED BENEFIT--This winter we had lots of snow and people put out lots of salt. I started my Tuf foot regimen in the middle of the snow season and I also noticed a difference in how sensitive his feet are to salt. Since I have two dogs I couldn't see putting boots on them every time we walked. Tuf foot made such a difference that they no longer have pain from salt.

Love this stuff!

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I have two young GSD's that run about 8 miles per day in the Arizona desert. Both their pads were in equally good condition with some minor cracking. As a test, I applied the product to one dog only as directed, 2x per week for a period of 8 weeks. Did not notice any difference good or bad. My vet, who specializes in police K9 medicine, told me the product is an astringent and advised me not to use it. I also tried it on my own feet but saw no benefit either.

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