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First Aid & Travel First Aid Musher's Secret
Musher's Secret
Based on 2 reviews

Musher's Secret

Based on 2 reviews
  • 60 grams
  • Made from 100% natural waxes
  • Protects your dog's feet
  • Safe for dogs to eat or lick off their paws
  • Will not stain carpets or furniture
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Musher's Secret protects your dog from: salt and chemicals, ice build-up, snowballing, sand and sandburn, hot pavement, and rough terrain. This product does not contain any soy or flax oil. Musher's Secret is made from 100% natural waxes (including White and Yellow Beeswax, Carnauba, and Candelilla Wax) and white and vegetable oils with vitamin E.

The amount to use depends on a dog's level of activity. Musher's will "walk off" in about a week. In snowy conditions, we recommend applying 2-3 times a week if. In snowy weather, be sure to spread Musher's up in between the pads to prevent snowballing. Musher's is not just for winter, as it protects dogs' paws on hot pavement and sand as well as any irritants your pet may walk through.

Musher's Secret is safe for dogs to lick their paws after application. Dogs like the taste and the 100% natural waxes are safe to consume. Other than a mild laxative effect, Musher's will not harm your pet if they eat it.

Musher's is absorbed into the dog's pads and will not leave stains on your carpets or furniture.

Bought this product?

I started using this on my pups feet two years ago when she started getting sensitive/dry paws from long runs. A wonder side effect, is it has negated a significant portion of her grass allergies. It is easy to apply, doesn't leave marks on carpet, and has a slight pine scent.

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I live in a big city. During and after any amount of snow fall, all the apartment buildings and shops put de-icers on the streets. Lots of it. It's good, because black ice is dangerous. But it's hell on my dog's feet. Some times he will just sit down, refuse to walk, and whimper.

I put on Musher's Secret before we go out on every walk. For really harsh rock salt, nothing but shoes will help my dog, but Musher's Secret works to keep the salts on the street from irritating my dog's feet.

It does not get on my floors or my rugs.


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