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Apparel Bait Bags Snap Open Bait Bag
Snap Open Bait Bag
Based on 15 reviews

Snap Open Bait Bag

Based on 15 reviews
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits up to 48" waist
  • French hinge that snaps bag open and closed
  • Made with washable nylon
  • Closes securely
  • Features a slide belt loop
  • Made in the USA
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The Snap Open Bait Bag is great for training sessions with your dog. With a French hinge sewn into the opening of the bag, a trainer can easily pop the bag open or snap it close with one free hand.

Made out of nylon, the bag can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You simply need to wipe the inside of the bag to clean out any messy treats. The outside of the bag is also made of washable nylon.

This bait bag is large enough to hold a variety of treats as well as a ball. The belt is designed for easy attachment and can be easily sized and adjusted.

The only maintenance that the "Bait Bag" requires, besides the regular cleaning, is to keep the hinge well lubricated. This can be done with an occasional touch of Vaseline.

While this "Bait Bag" may cost a little more than other training pouches, its superior quality and design make the price well worth the rewards.

Model wearing an open bait bag with a round dog toy in it

This is the best bait bag we have seen on the market. There is a wire snap built into the bag so it can be snapped open and left open for easy access. This is similar to the wire snaps built into a coin purse.

When the bag is snapped open the training aides can be easily removed from the bag with no obstruction. The inside of this bag is made of nylon which makes cleaning very easy. A perfect way to insure that your cloths stay clean.

This photo show how the wire snap that is built into the bag holds it open. This can be compared to a coin purse that we have all seen. Its a great feature for those of us that use food as training aids for our dogs.

The bait bag is large enough to hold your ball on a string and your cell phone or water bottle when you go for walks with your dog.

Bought this product?

I love this bait bag for K9 Nosework! It opens easily and is hands-free when I need to access treats, but then snaps shut and holds the treats inside when closed. Easy to buckle on and adjust the size and easy to keep clean. I also like the little pouch on the front - perfect for holding a poop bag and car keys.

This is a HUGE improvement over the nylon cinch-sack style treat pouches that clip onto your belt or waistband.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Amazing bags! We absolutely love how they are big enough but not to big and can stay open!

- on

Weve had two of these bait bags for 9 years and they still havnt worn out! Been using them regularly for training

- on

I really love this bag. The special hinges make for quick and easy access when open, and when closed, it secures the contents from spilling out now matter how active the training sessions becomes. Thanks for this great bait bag!

- on

I've used this bag almost daily for over 2 years. Like a previous reviewer mentioned after awhile the cloth that rubs against the metal spring did wear. However, nothing lasts forever and two years of almost dally use seems reasonable. Frankly, it's still serviceable but I'm ordering another one today just for a change in color and to get a fresh bag. I like the way the bag snaps closed and have had almost zero spills with this bag.

- on

This is an excellent product, well-made, quality materials, functional, and I love the red color No one has mentioned this particular advantage before, but I used to carry treats in my coat pocket, sometimes kibble, sometimes homemade liver cookies, and sometimes cut up hot dogs. The latter two I would also put in a plastic baggie to avoid the mess but I noticed that even the kibble began to leave dark stains on my coat lining. The bait bag solves that problem and I don't have to use the extra baggie which was a nuisance.

My general assumption when ordering from Leerburg is that I can trust their products to be effective and long lasting--haven't had a dud yet in all the years I've been ordering from them. I also find their customer service to be very personable and timely.

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Received our order today, thanks ever so much.

The bait pouches are great. Haven't seen any like them in Australia and they are much easier to manage than those with zippers, clips, or Velcro.

From a very happy customer.


- on

I saw this bait bag on sale this week and just wanted to say that this is the greatest thing since toilet paper on a roll.

I'm a novice, and a clumsy one at that, but my dog hasn't caught on to the fact that I have the treats in the bag (I wear in in the back). And you can put it in the fridge if anything is left in it, bag and all.

ps: I don't work for leerburg. lol I just looooove this bait bag.


*Comment from the Webboard*

- on

November 17, 2008

Thank you for making the BEST bait bag on the market!

It is durable, easy to use, roomy, and just plain wonderful. I've used many 'other' products--which are either flimsy, too small, have to be 'pinned' on, or whatever, and not one can measure up to yours....

It's the best training bag ever---and i've even worn mine into the ring when showing!



- on

The workmanship of your bait bag is absolutely superior to any of the others I've purchased over the last 10 years. Finally! A company who offers quality merchandise that is intended to be used time and time again and is actually made in the USA! Thank you, Leerburg, for your commitment to offer top-notch equipment for professional dog trainers and their students. You really can get what you pay for and yours is worth every penny! Much obliged!

Lyne, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)

- on

My name is Janelle and I just want to tell you that I have been very satisfied with the equipment I have ordered from your company. I have ordered several of your videos and some of the books you sell. I got them to study before I purchased my puppy. They are great. I have watched all of them multiple times and I continue to refer to them. The products you sell are wonderful. Thanks to the materials I have purchased from your company I have a young dog who loves to learn. (He is a 14 month old APBT.) When he sees his prong collar, he wags his tail and gets excited because he knows it is time to work. I consider my Leerburg videos a part of my reference library. I also recently purchased a snap bait pouch from your company and it is well worth the extra money. It is refreshing to deal with a company that is committed to selling quality products and not selling whatever they can to make a quick buck. When people want my videos, etc., I refer them to your website. Thanks for providing information that has helped me become a better dog owner and trainer.


- on

Really glad you guys are offering this kind of bag now. Have bought 5 Terry Ryan bags of this design and they all broke within a month of use. Thank goodness someone is taking this seriously and offering a well-built product.


- on

We absolutely love the bait bags. They are fabulous and are working very well for us! I'll try and take some photos of them in use and perhaps you can put them on your web site! I will probably be putting in an order for more in the near future. Away from work, I train dogs to manage stock, like sheep and cattle and I bought the portable pool to take with me to sheep dog trials so I am sure I will generate more business for you once I produce my lovely pool at the first trial of the season! do you have a catalogue you can send me?

Great products!

Toronto Zoo

- on

First off I love everything about Leerburg and I want to leave as positive a comment as I can on my disappointment.

I purchased this bag just a few weeks ago and loved it. I love the snap open feature which is crucial for prying little noses when I am not paying attention or forgot I was wearing this bag. Which speaks to the comfort as well. So far that is 5 star review.

My issue: the inside portion where the metal band is that snaps closed and opens is worn through. So I can see the metal band through the blue fabric. This was not treated rough. I would say about 15 or 20 min a day it was on then placed in a bag and set a side.

Just be aware that the fabric is not the toughest of fabrics and pretty thin.

- on

Had it one month and used lightly. The metal band that gives it that nice snap open and shut tore through the fabric already. It still works but it wont be much longer before it completely falls apart. Seems the metal band they use is shard and no match against the outer fabric shell which is sewn over it.

I am looking at the Leerburg 3 pocket apron next. Sometimes simple is better, but this bag sure didn't hold up.

- on

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