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In The Home Beds & Mats Plastic Heating Pad
Plastic Heating Pad
Based on 6 reviews
$86.00 - $150.00

Plastic Heating Pad

Based on 6 reviews
$86.00 - $150.00
  • Pads stay at 98-101° perfect for newborn puppies
  • Made of high-impact plastic
  • "Ribbed" design eliminates "hot spots"
  • Contains built-in thermostat
  • Great for older dogs in cold weather
  • Made in the USA
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This product is 100% better than a heat lamp. The pups crawl on and off when they need heat and the moms don't over heat from a heat lamp. The pads stay between 98 and 101 degrees - perfect for newborn puppies.

These whelping room heating pads are made of durable and break resistant of high impact plastic material. Unique "ribbed" design on bottom side eliminates "hot spots" by leaving air space, yet won't collapse to pinch heating element. Waterproof design can be used indoors or out. Heats to approximately 98-101º and will not fluctuate. Contains a built-in thermostat to heat at constant temperature. Fully grounded and cord is wire covered for safety.

It is also great for older dogs in cold weather - keeping your older dogs warm is key to good health in the cold months. Put the heating pad in the dog's dog house, in your garage or in the kennel when it gets cold and watch how your dog's attitude improves. It is also a comfort item for older dogs with weak hips and bones.

Made in the USA.

These heating pads have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

The heating pads are not available in 220 volt. The manufacturer states that even if you use a converter, the 220 volt electricity will burn up the heating pad element inside because it is just too much power. We are sorry that we cannot offer these heating pads internationally.


Small13" x 19"35
Medium17" x 24"60
Large22.5" x 28.5"85
Bought this product?

Whats the size of the largest one you guys got?

The largest size is 22.5" x 28.5"

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I ordered one of these heating pads, must be 6-7-8 years ago now. I can't recommend anything more highly. It has lasted thru the years and does everything it says it does. I only have 1-2 litters/year but I have old retired breeding dogs and they love it too. I ended up buying another because I felt so bad stealing it from the old girls when I had a litter. It's worth every cent and more.

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Just a quick note - I ordered one of your heating pads a couple weeks ago. It is built better than I had figured & my ole PSD really enjoys it during our cold nights. She gets up and around much better.


- on

I won received one of these heated mats in an auction, for my lil old arthritic dysplastic adopted senior.


It's damp and cool today and I fired up that electric mat. Within 20 minutes it was slightly warm and its intended user, Oliver, was sitting with his butt on the warm spot and his front feet on the carpet.

Now he is lying on it (now that it's warm all over). He knew immediately that it was for him, or the non-arthritic dogs just weren't interested; I don't know. But he is in heaven. He has gone from butt-sit to lying like a starfish to lying with hips on and head off.

I'm going to have to post to the board, but I will wait until tonight so I can watch his movements, etc., and see if there is also visible increased flexibility.

But whether it does improve his flexibility or not, it has made him a very happy comfy dog.

He uses it just the way a human would use a heating pad!

Sometimes one hip is on the heat, sometimes the other, sometimes his upper body is on the carpet and his hips on the heat......

I could almost cry that I didn't have this for all the seniors with OA I have ever had!

- on

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Wanted to share pics of my first litter! I sewed a cotton cover for the heat pad. My puppies are heavenly and warm. It is so amazing to me how they crawl on and off for comfort!

We ordered the heating pad just days before she whelped. We plugged it in and were puzzled that it was not "hot" ... but our kitty discovered it right away and made himself at home. "It must be working..." we said, reading and re-reading the directions.

Being a little skeptical, I had purchased a heat LAMP, just in case. Ten puppies... and starting out with the heat lamp until I could call the company for reassurance... we could not be more pleased (and COOL).

We are thrilled and so happy with our heating pad and the customer service we received at Leerburg! Thank YOU!


- on

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I ordered one of the plastic heated puppy mats for my litter of 5 day old mals and they just love it. I looked for a reliable product and found it on your website. It does not put off a lot of excessive heat so my big girl does not get hot and can stay in the whelping box. The cord is well protected and no one has wanted to chew on it. I ordered the medium size and it leaves enough room in the whelping box in case they want to get off of the heat. Your ordering staff was very helpful when I called and they helped me with every detail. Thanks so much for providing top products and such polite people to help me with selection. Below is a picture of my girl admiring her work and the babies fast asleep on the pad!


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