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Weighted Collar
Based on 1 reviews

Weighted Collar

Based on 1 review
  • For dogs two years and older
  • Fits up to 32" neck size
  • Great for building muscle and burning excess energy in dominant dogs
  • Double stitched and made from heavy cordura denier
  • Comes with five one-pound weights
  • Extra weights available
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This collar is designed with two goals in mind. The first being to build muscle and strength in your dog during exercise. The second is to burn excess energy in a dominant or aggressive dog (a tired dog is not dominant or aggressive!).

This Weighted Collar should not be used on dogs under 2 years of age. Dogs are still growing until they reach maturity between 18 - 24 months old. You do not want to damage their joints by over working them or over exercising them while they are still developing.

The Weighted Collar is made from heavy cordura denier backed fabric that is double stitched in construction. The weighted collar was designed with safety of the dog in mind.

On the underside of the collar neck it is sheepskin lined. There are five individual zippered pockets and five one-pound weights. This is great as you can start out using the collar with no weight to get the dog accustomed to the collar and then gradually add the weights during training. It has a heavy 2” Velcro closure that is adjustable to fit most medium to large dogs.

This weighted collar is perfect to work a dominant or aggressive dog in. If the dog is tired he is less likely to cause trouble!

Extra Weights Available

This collar comes with five one-pound weights, but you can also purchase extra weights. Solid lead weights are sold individually.

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My 4 year old working line GSD has energy to burn- even after a 5 mile run. I put this collar on him when we go running now, and he's actually tired when we get back!

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