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Leashes Long Lines 3/8 inch Leerburg Long Line - No Handle
3/8 inch Leerburg Long Line - No Handle
Based on 2 reviews

3/8 inch Leerburg Long Line - No Handle

Based on 2 reviews
  • 3/8" round, 10m/33' long tracking line
  • Made from poly braided rope
  • Made in the USA
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A 3/8" round and 10 meter/33 foot long tracking line. The snap has been tied, and sewn in place. This line is a soft flexible line that is very easy on the hands, yet extremely strong. Made from poly braided rope. The line retains its flexibility after getting wet. This is a very important feature of any tracking line.

If you are going to be a sport tracker, you know that a 10 meter line is required for Schutzhund. If you come to a trial and try to use a tracking line that is shorter than 10 meters you will have a point deduction from your score.

If you are a police officer 10 meters is too long, so you can cut this line down to 20 feet.

This line is also used as an agitation line. It is big enough in diameter to allow a handler to get a good grip and reduce the possibility of rope burns from a hard charging dog.

Bought this product?

Absolutely wonderful line, it's heavier, but easy and soft to grip, would withstand a lot more than just a flat nylon line. It's very easy to store, doesn't tangle but rarely, and when it does it's extremely easy to undo. It's a great line for just about any use, the snap is a lot heavier duty than I expected, but I am very, very pleased with this long line.

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I have so many LB products that it would take me too long to list but I really want to rave about this long line. I didn't particularly buy it for tracking, although in time I will be training my pup to track.

I bought it because my pup was developing a rash under his leg due to the nylon lines rubbing that spot.

Because I keep my pup leashed to me all the time this line comes in so handy when we are outside where I have a lot of land for him to roam and play fetch. Sometimes I tie up the lie in a bundle at the end if I want it shorter but mostly I don't. It never causes a rash as it's so soft.

Thank you for this wonderful product.


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