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Books Training Behavior Training Dogs: A Manual
Training Dogs: A Manual
Based on 3 reviews

Training Dogs: A Manual

Based on 3 reviews
  • By Colonel Konrad Most
  • Paperback
  • 204 pages

Today’s dog trainer can trace the roots of modern training to Training Dogs by Colonel Konard Most. Written in Germany in 1910, Training Dogs influenced how both dogs and trainers were taught in Europe and the United States for the next 50 years. It contains valuable and historically significant information.

21st century trainers and behaviorists will find it amazing to realize that early in the 20th century Konard Most was using and applying behavioral training principles with dogs long before B.F. Skinner! Most also created systematic and scientific method to teach trainers how to train the dog and his “Theory of Training” is a classic in the field. While Most’s methods may be viewed as harsh by modern dog trainers, the theory behind it was revolutionary for it’s time and it still applied today.

“We are in luck if, in training a dog, we can use his instincts as a basis for what we require. For the more instinctive an action is, the more reliable it will be.”

- Konrad Most

What Experienced trainers are saying about this book

“Most demonstrated an understanding of operant conditioning concepts such as primary and secondary reinforcement, shaping, fading, and chaining 28 years before the publication of reinforcers. He used his voice and soft tones as secondary inducements, much the way some trainers use clickers today.”

- Mary R. Burch and Jon S. Bailey, authors of How Dogs Learn

“Although some of Most’s methods seem archaic and harsh in this enlightened age of positive training, some of the theory he set forth was years ahead of its time. Knowing where training came from helps us appreciate where we are today."

- Sheila Booth, author of Purely Positive Training and co-author of Schutzhund Obedience Training in Drive.

Bought this product?

I have been a Police Dog Handler with the Australian Air Force for over 23 years and this book still remains my bible. Other training books tell you 'how', this book explains the 'how' AND the 'why'. The fact that it was written so long ago misleads a lot of people into thinking it may be out of date.... It's no more out of date than the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Other new age training methods may come and go but the methodology described by Konrad Most has been taken up by many others like William Koehler and is still used in over 90% of Police & Service Dog agencies around the world.

I highly recommend this book to any professional trainer or enthusiast who wishes to really understand the psychological principles behind how and why a dog works. By understanding these techniques you will be able to look at other less efficient methods and see why they fall short when it comes to speed, reliability of response and the ability of a dog to work at peak performance under duress situations.

- on

My adopted Malamute (very difficult dogs at times) only listened to my commands (sit, down, stay) when he was on a leash and when he felt like it. "Come here"? Forget it, leash or no leash, he didn't listen to that one at all. Oh, and he always jumped on counters, yes, even while I was in the room at times.

6 months of problems I've had with this dog practically disappeared in the one week I've been putting this book in practice, and he's still learning.

He was a spoiled princess who couldn't be trained with "positive" methods, but by following the stricter methods in this book, he actually took things more seriously. He's now more attentive than ever before, comes when called and responds to orders. A bit slow on responding to the orders sometimes, but the transformation alone is enough for me to want to put this book on some kind of alter though. Honestly. Ha ha ha.

I did have difficulties understanding some parts in the book straight away, but I really do recommend this book.

5+ stars, man.

- on

With over 30 years of Police K9 work and having seen a lot of training manuals, I believe this one should be mandatory reading for all police dog handlers. Nuff said.............

Norm Nardi Sgt. Ret.
Miami Dade Police Department

- on

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