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Muzzles Jafco Plastic Muzzles JAFCO Regular Plastic Muzzle
JAFCO Regular Plastic Muzzle
Based on 10 reviews
$33.00 - $42.00

JAFCO Regular Plastic Muzzle

Based on 10 reviews
$33.00 - $42.00
  • Get HELP SIZING your dogs muzzle
  • Weighs approximately 6.5 ounces
  • Designed to be worn for extended periods; NOT designed for police K9 muzzle fighting training
  • Prevents wound licking
  • Prevents eating rocks, garbage, poison, etc.
  • Helps with dominant and aggressive dog training
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How to size a muzzle

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The JAFCO Muzzles are a tried and true plastic basket muzzle that offers good security.

If you are looking for a quality muzzle that will last for years, this is an excellent choice. It is perfect muzzle for a reactive dog whose handler wants to take on walks. Reactive dogs should always be walked on-leash.

Jafco muzzles are made with polyethylene plastic. The clear plastic muzzle is softer and more flexible than the white or black style plastic muzzles.

Design & Uses

  • Can be worn for extended periods without inhibiting the dog’s breathing, barking, and panting
  • Dogs can drink with the muzzle on, using a water bowl or bucket. It is best to "teach" your dog that it is ok to put the muzzle into the water before leaving the dog unattended for any period of time.
  • Prevents wound licking, and eating rocks, garbage, poison, etc.
  • Prevents injuries from dog fights
  • While many K9 departments around the world use a muzzle when proofing bite work where the decoy has protective equipment on, the Jafco muzzles ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR MUZZLE FIGHTING WITH POLICE SERVICE DOGS if the decoy does not have protective equipment on. Muzzle fighting should only be done in muzzles that are designed for that training

  • Allows dogs to use some modes of transportation when properly muzzled, which some transportation companies require

Fitting a Muzzle for your dog

When wearing a muzzle the vinyl nose piece should ride 1/2 inch below a line drawn between the lowest points on both eyes. The front of the muzzle should then extend 1/2 inch past the end of the dogs nose.

When sized correctly and the dog pushes into the muzzle it will not be able to move back over the eyes of your dog.

If you are still unsure of the size to choose, measure your dog then call our office at (715) 235-6502 and we will do our best to help you decide the best style and size of muzzle for your dog.

Sizing Tips & Chart

There are a few things you need to know about sizing a muzzle for your dog:

  1. On large breed dogs we recommend the circumference is between one and three inches larger than your dog's actual measured circumference.
  2. A muzzle is too small if the circumference of the muzzle is the exact same size as the circumference as the dog's actual nose measurment.
  3. Some models of Jafco muzzles are designed with a hole in the front nose that allows food rewards to be passed thru during training. If a customer buys one of the models without that larger hole they can simply modify their muzzle by cutting a hole . Our advice is to go slowly when cutting holes. Take your time to do it correctly.

Size 02.25"7"
Size 12.75"9"
Size 23"10"
Size 33.25"11.5"
Size 3X3.75"13"
Size 44.5"13"
Size 54.25"16.5"

Additional Resources

For help in learning how to size your dog for a JAFCO plastic muzzle, we have an instructional video here and a written article here that go into greater detail.

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Verified Customer Review
Customer submitted image

Perfect material for my dog, she's a bite risk and with this on, it makes me feel a lot better when walking her, great pant room too! I'm going to order again for my other dog!

- on

Customer submitted image

We really love our JAFCO size 2! It fits my girl great, and she seems so much more comfortable in it compared to other muzzle brands. I would definitely recommend it!

- on

Customer submitted image

My dog is a 50# Husky mix and although she is very friendly to people and animals 99% of the time, but she can be leash reactive on occasion as well as not liking her nails dremeled. I also wanted a lightweight easily packable muzzle to take with me on hiking trips in case she has an injury so that she is unable to lick said wound or hurt someone while trying to properly examine it. the JAFCO muzzle checked all of my boxes along with being clear and not intimidating looking (since she is still a friendly dog). Her snout is just under 4" from nose to stop, and is 11" around. after reading the sizing instructions we purchased the 3X and I am very satisfied with the fit. She is panting heavily in the one picture since it was a little warm and we had been walking for awhile--but it still gives her plenty of room to open her mouth to pant, eat treats I may put in her muzzle to desensitize, or drink from her bowl. I know many people prefer a deeper muzzle, but that was not as critical for my purposes, if it had been I would have purchased the size 5. It does not slide around much if at all, and it definitely does not come off! I would buy again easily. Also ordering straight from Leerburg saved me money and enabled me to get the correct size instead of purchasing from Amazon. Shipping was quick even though I opted for the free shipping. very satisfied customer.

- on

Durability and value for the money! My Jafco muzzle is so old it was purchased directly from the police officer that designed it in the 1980s. It has been used by two Bouviers, a Rottweiler, and two Giant Schnauzers. It once fell out of my car in the winter, found months later when snow had melted after being flattened by car running over it. Put it in hot water to soften and pressed back to original shape. I am now acclimating my latest Giant Schnauzer to wearing it, using canned cheese through a hole, cleans easily. Also, chewed on at one time!

- on

Customer submitted image


Just wanted to say a big thank-you for the excellent muzzle. I took my vet-anxious dog to the vet yesterday and while I can see we have a long way to go to desensitize him, the muzzle did a great job at keeping everyone safe and making it possible for my 90lb Rhodesian Ridgeback to get the medical attention he needed. Even the vet remarked on what a great product it was and asked where I got it.

Thanks again,

- on

Great muzzle.
Bought a white JAFCO Muzzle in size 4 for my weimaraner.
Muzzle came to my door within a week.
Great for desensitizing dogs to the muzzle.
My dog has no problem at all with this muzzle. Very lightweight and breathable.
If you need a muzzle for travel, buy this muzzle. Some countries require dogs of certain breeds to be muzzled while in public.
If you need an emergency muzzle for "just in case", buy this muzzle.
All dogs should have a fitting "emergency muzzle" that allows them to pant. You never know what a dog might do when injured, or unsure of himself.

- on

My dog is a 4 yr old chow / akita mix who has fear aggression at the vet. So, I ordered a JAFCO muzzle from your company for vet visits.

The pictures of how to measure are EXCELLENT! It was a perfect fit.

It was so much easier to take him in already muzzled. He has never exhibited any aggression towards me...but, he is awful at the vet. The muzzle they use at the vet does not allow him to open his mouth at all.

At least with the JAFCO he can still pant and I don't have the stress (for him and me) of trying to muzzle him when we are there and he's afraid. I am very satisfied with my purchase!


- on

I have to say I was skeptical about a muzzle made of plastic and equally skeptical I'd find one that would fit my crazy Basinji mix's weird nose. I purchased a JAFCO muzzle, size 2 for him and it's been a breeze to get him adjusted and now I'm not worried about anyone getting hurt. It is a very nice muzzle and you may have saved my dog's life. (I am, of course, training with him too.)

- on

I wanted to write and thank you. We recently ordered a JAFCO muzzle for our German Shepherd Kazan. In the past we would wear a typical cloth muzzle to take him to the vets and he would fight us every time we would put it on. We got the JAFCO muzzle a couple weeks ago and I followed the instructions that you showed on your DVD on how to get the dog acclimated to wearing a muzzle. I can't thank you enough. For the first time, he does not fight us to wear the muzzle. When I bring the muzzle out he'll go and sit down on the floor and allow me to put the muzzle on without any resistence. It's really amazing.

I was skeptical that this would work on him since he had worn a muzzle in the past and didn't like it but I took my time and fed him treats out of the muzzle for a week. After he was comfortable taking the treats out of the muzzle, I then put the muzzle on him and he tried to pull it off but after I told him "No" he quit and now he wears it without trying to pull it off.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

- on

I love this muzzle! I just wish they came slightly bigger in circumference for a full pant. B took to it in no time and it has really good air flow!

- on

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