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Sorry, but the Club/Department Seynaeve Bite Suit has been discontinued.

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Club/Department Seynaeve Bite Suit

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Sorry, the Club/Department Seynaeve Bite Suit has been discontinued.

  • One size fits most for clubs and departments
  • Most protective suit for full bite training over the whole body
  • Very popular with law enforcement and army forces
  • Item already made and ready to ship as soon as you order
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We have had many requests from training clubs and police departments for a β€œone size fits all" suit. This allows your club or department to buy a suit and use it interchangeably with a number of decoys. We took the average measurements from all of the suits we have ordered over the past two years and had this suit made. Ordering this suit also allows the customer to skip the eight week wait to have a suit made. We have one of these suits in stock and can ship it out the day of ordering.

The jacket is a Kimono cut allowing for better upper body biting surfaces, and the pants are training weight. This suit weighs about 90.8 kg and approximately 183 cm tall.


All of our other Seynaeve bite suits are custom order and tailored specifically to the customer. If you have the luxury of being able to purchase your own suit, you will never regret ordering a custom fit suit, and can order a custom Seynaeve Kimono Bite Suit. For those that are not able to, to them we recommend Club/Department Seynaeve bite suit. Be sure to review the measurements below and compare them to the decoys you would want to use in the suit. This suit is designed to work for someone between the height of 5’7” and 6'2” and an average to athletic body type.

MeasurementValue (cm)
1Chest Circumference (largest arm pit height)102
2Waist Circumference (at level of the navel)87
3Hips Circumference (largest across backside)105
4Thigh Circumference (largest)60
5Calf Circumference (largest)43
6Forearm Circumference (largest)30
7Bicep Circumference (largest)35
8Neck to End of Sleeve (Look straight ahead and bend the arm at front of the body. Measure length from side of neck under the ear over the top of shoulder and over the outside of the elbow to the place where you want the sleeve to end.)95
9Sleeve (Look straight ahead and measure at the side from top of shoulder to where you want the sleeves to end.)71
10Outseam (Measure from the side of waist at level of navel to ankle.)107
11Inseam (Measure from crotch to the ankle.)78
12Shoulders (Measure shoulders at the back of the body from one side to the other.)53
13Jacket Length (Measure from the nape of neck to where you want the jacket to end.)65
Two drawings of a figure with lines drawn across it indicating where to take measurements.

Suit Care

After using your suit it is recommended that you hang the suit in a warm, dry location. The more air flow you can get to the inside of the suit, the better. This will maintain the flexibility and life of your bite suit.

Once a suit is dry, it is recommended to brush dirt off the suit with a stiff brush. Do not dry clean or wash a bite suit, as doing so will actually put dirt inside the suit. The more a suit is washed the less protective it becomes.


We will accept returns of this bite suit, but it cannot be in used condition. Once it is used to work a dog even once, it will be obvious that the suit has been used. Return shipping will be at the expense of the customer. If we do not accept the return, the customer will be responsible for shipping back to them.

Bought this product?

Love Seynaeve suits, there is nothing better.

We recently purchased two of these suits for our agency as they were billed as "one sizes fits all". I know they claimed to have taken the measurements over a large period of orders, but the people that ordered must be some of the smallest/thinnest people ever. These suits would only fit about two of the ten Officers in our recent class.

The suits were purchased for two trainers, one who is 215# and the other 175#, both about 5'10. The larger gentleman cannot get the pants on at all and the jacket is too tight. I'm 240# and 5'10 and it was not going to be possible. The other gentleman can get in his suit, but the pants are a little tight as well. Agencies be advised that these are french cut legs and you will not be getting the pants on over boots. You will have to take them off and most likely use athletic shoes not boots.

Agencies thinking about these suits should probably consider ordering a custom built suit, unless you have very small thin people. A club that has thin and short decoys this might work.

Leerburg should consider listing the measurements in inches vs centimeters to allow people to get a better idea of the sizing.

Expect a VERY stiff suit on arrival, this will take some use before loosening up.

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