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Protection Sports Arm Sleeves Seynaeve Level 5 Advanced Synthetic Arm Sleeve
Seynaeve Level 5 Advanced Synthetic Arm Sleeve
Based on 1 reviews

Seynaeve Level 5 Advanced Synthetic Arm Sleeve

Based on 1 review
  • Imported from Belgium
  • Strong & heavy
  • Comparable to the sleeve of a body bite suit
  • Colors may vary
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Level 5 Advanced Synthetic Soft Sleeve: This sleeve is just as good as a sleeve on a Body Bite Suit. If you can’t afford a whole suit but need that kind of protection for training, you won’t be disappointed in this sleeve. Very Strong. Very Heavy. Imported from Belgium.

The foundation to bite training is done is small incremental steps. Young pups start bite work on a soft Leather Bite Rag and then graduate to a short puppy tug or Puppy Soft Sleeve, from there the dogs are moved on to a Young Dog Sleeve, then to the Intermediate Soft Sleeve, then to an Advanced Soft Sleeve(shown on this page) or a Body Bite Suit and/or a Hard Arm and finally a Hidden Sleeve or muzzle.

I am often asked which sleeve a person should buy? The answer to this depends on the dog, the level of training, and the goal of the training. If you are training a personal protection dog, I like to use both a hard and a soft sleeves. Not everyone can justify spending $1300.00 or more on a body bite suit. The soft sleeve offers them the advantage of biting something soft without having to make the big investment.

These sleeves come from Europe in different colors. We do not order specific colors. We can only sell the colors they send us. Sometimes the sleeves are red, blue, black or a tan color. We have no control over the color.

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