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Leashes Leerburg Slip Leads British Slip Lead with Handle
British Slip Lead with Handle
Based on 5 reviews
$16.80 - $19.75

British Slip Lead with Handle

Based on 5 reviews
$16.80 - $19.75
  • Leash and collar in one
  • Waterproof
  • UV coating prevents decay & fading
  • Adjustable neck size
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft on the hands with its “Broken in Feel” easy to use and pliable enough to fit in your coat pocket
  • Vibrant colors with durable long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope
  • Machine washable, air dry only
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Black Ice - Purple/Black

Twist - Navy/Light Blue/Silver

Black Ice - Silver/Black

A Loop

A Handle

Black Stainless Steel Hardware

Black Stainless Steel Hardware

Closeup of black stainless steel hardware


This lead is a leash and collar in one. It is required in the Agility Sport.

This lead is made of strong multifilament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing is waterproof, colorfast and shows no performance-loss when wet. A UV coating protects against decay and fading. The highest quality leathers are tanned using the "English Bridle Leather process" for durability, weather resistance and a deep, consistent color. Brass hardware.

If you do not keep a collar on your dog and need a quick way to put a lead on for a walk - this is the perfect lead! We use these British Leads every day here at Leerburg Kennels. You can adjust the neck size to fit any size dog! We love it for use during housetraining puppies and for moving larger dogs from the office to the front yard. Colors may vary.

Each style of leash comes in a number of colors and patterns. Not all styles/colors are available in all sizes.

Made in the USA.

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Verified Customer Review

Very good product - our dog does not like the little slip leads that groomers and vets use - pulls away and refuses to allow them over his head - but he allowed us to easily put this lead on him and we were able to walk with no problem. We ordered a second one, 6 ft. long this time, for those walks when he does not need much control.

- on

Verified Customer Review

I purchased this lead for my new gsd puppy, and it has made a world of difference in the time it takes to get her outside! Slips right over her head nicely, no more messing with clipping a leash to a collar, and trying to hold puppy all at the same time! It’s also very soft and does not rub my hands when she tries to pull. I love it, and will definitely purchase another in the future.
Thank you Leerburg for another great product!

- on

I'm another customer with arthritis. For me it's osteoarthritis of both wrists and thumbs. I've been having a hard time handling my energetic Jack Russell mix who will soon be one year old. After trying no pull harnesses and various training collars, all of which were difficult for me to manipulate to put on the dog as well as ineffective, I also have gained amazing control over our walks with this leash. It's strong, but supple and light weight. It's easy to put over my pup's head and adjust the leather slider. Walking is much more fun and easier on me and Poppy is walking by my side.

I forgot to list color preferences when I ordered, but decided not to email after placing the order hoping I'd get a color I liked. Imagine how delighted I was to receive an orange and yellow striped slip lead that matched the colors Planet Dog bait bag from the same order. Thanks so much!!!


- on

I ordered one of these British style slip lead leashes a month ago for my 14 month old pure bred chocolate lab, Ryder. I am a small framed 110 lb. woman with MS and rhuematoid arthritis and Ryder used to take me for walks. I tried everything available at the "Pet Stores" and did not want to have to try the metal pronged collar on Ryder. Now I am in control of our walks and we are both so much happier! On Valentine's Day this year, we acquired a yellow lab/shepherd mix puppy from my sister. Ginger is now 12 weeks old. She immediately exhibited the same pulling and dragging on the leash behavior. I used Ryder's British style lead on her and she immediately submitted to me. I just want to communicate my appreciation to you and say Thank YOU!!! What a difference you've made in my life!

- on

The lead is good quality but I cannot get it to stay in the high collar position (high above the adam's apple just behind the ears) even though I have the stop tightly in place at the beginning of the dog's walk. I was also disappointed to receive a lead that was primarily pink for my male dog. I expected a navy colored lead like the photograph. I did not notice the statement "colors may vary" when I ordered.

***Leerburg Note: When placing an order online for products that have "colors may vary" please put either your first couple of choices of colors, or colors that you absolutely do not want in the comments section. We will do our best to get you what you want, but please understand that we don't get a choice in colors when we order them, so each color may not be available. And we really have no way to know if your dog is male or female based solely on the order.

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