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Educator Auto Charger
Based on 1 reviews

Educator Auto Charger

Based on 1 review
  • Great for charging your electric collars and remotes in your car
  • Compatible with Educator collars
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Charger for PRO and EZ900

Charger for ET300/400/800/1200

5 Volt for the 300TS and BL-100

10 Volt for the TS models except the 300TS


The Educator Auto Charger is great for charging your electric collars and remotes in your car while you're on the go.


  • ET-300TS and BarkLess Collars
  • ET-400TS AND OTHER TS MODELS (this also would include the old 500A and 800A)


  • ET-300 series
  • ET-400 series
  • 900 series PRO and EZ
Bought this product?

Not yet sure I'm happy with this purchase.

For starters it's huge. Bigger than what's shown. I like that it tries to compensate for that size with the flexible neck. Otherwise it would be in the way of the gear shift or cup holder.

I was disappointed to find BOTH USB plugs bent when I got them. I was able to use a screw driver to fix them enough to work but thought it odd that both would be bent.

At this point I haven't used it yet because as you can see it has this LCD screen on the front telling you what the output is on your cigarette lighter. The plan was to keep my ecollar in the car charged instead of taking it in the house every night and risking forgetting it.

But I worry about this LCD screen being on all the time even when not in use. Will it run down my battery? Come to that, will the collar if I leave it plugged in all night?

Needless to say I won't be trying this product until I'm sure someone will be home to give me a jump start.

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