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Educator Holster
Based on 2 reviews

Educator Holster

Based on 2 reviews
  • Black leather holster with belt clip and belt slot
  • 3.25" long by 1.5" wide
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • This is a special order item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days.
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Left Handed Holster

Right Handed Holster


Black leather holster with belt clip and belt slot. Hand crafted in the USA by skilled leather worker. 3.25" long by 1.5" wide".

The holster is available for attachment to regular belts (2" wide) or for wide belts (2 1/4" wide). They are specifically made for the large and round transmitter models. The Educator ET300 and the Lady Educator models will fit in the holster, but it won't be as snug or tight fitting as the larger transmitters.

Bought this product?

Great product for carrying the ecollar remote. I have the mini educator and it fits snugly in the case with no problems. You put it in the holster so when it is clipped onto your belt the buttons are right in line with your hand where they need to be to press them. Please know that when the remote is put in the holster correctly, it really does work well and is so much easier to carry when on walks. And has a very strong holding clip.

(FYI - The video showing this product does not show it in the case properly. They put it in backwards so the buttons are covered and that is not how it fits in.)

Note from Leerburg: Thank you for your feedback. We have corrected the video.

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It doesn't fit right. I looked at the photo and you see that the buttons are clearly visible. I have tried putting it in every which way and it is still difficult to get to the buttons. I have given it tie to see if I get used to it. It is a tight fit to get it in and it isn't good. I would not purchase again, Disappointment.

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