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Books eBooks Common Sense Solutions to House Training Problems eBook
Common Sense Solutions to House Training Problems eBook
Based on 2 reviews

Common Sense Solutions to House Training Problems eBook

Based on 2 reviews
  • By Ed Frawley
  • eBook
  • 165 pages

Learn how to house break puppies and older dogs using common sense training techniques and household management.

A Note from the Author

House training problems are one of the most common reasons that people give up their pets. This is really a sad statement to have to make because the solution to almost every house training problem is very simple common sense solution. I cannot tell you how many emails I get every week from pet owners that are pulling their hair out trying to solve their dogs’ house training problems.

There are a million "old wives tales" out there that are nothing more than misinformation on house train dogs. Everyone has an opinion on how this should be done and what to do when a problem arises. You only need to ask a relative or a neighbor or friend. The problem is most of these people do not have the experience to offer good sound advice.

I have owned dogs for over 50 years. I have bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds and been a police K9 handler for 10 years. I have produced over 125 dog training videos and DVDs since 1982 and cannot remember how many dogs I have trained in my life. This translates into a lot of dog training experience. I have the largest dog training web site on the internet ( which is over 10,000 pages.

I get over 100 dog training email questions every day off my web site. Over a 4 year period I collected all of the house training emails and used them as the foundation for organizing the material in this book. I originally wrote the book for my puppy customers (who NEVER have problems house training their Leerburg dogs). This book is the best house training book on the market.

Table of Contents

  • Why Accept the Crate First?
  • Why is not Peeing or Pooping in the House the Second Thing to Learn?
  • Why is Pack Structure Important?
  • Why is Being Calm in the House Part of House Training?
  • The Benefits of Crate Training
  • Kinds of Crates
  • Puppies and Dog Crates
  • Owner's Attitude About Crates
  • Getting the Dog into the Crate
  • Size, Locations, and How Many Crates?
  • How Long in the Crate?
  • Teach Pee Break Vs. Play
  • When Accidents Happen
  • Feeding in the Crate
  • Exercise and House Training
  • How to Take a Dog Out of the Crate
  • When to Stop Using the Leash
  • Teaching Puppy To Ring a Bell on the Door
  • When to Stop Using the Crate
  • The Umbilical Cord Method
  • A Four Week Training Program to House Train Your Adult Dog
  • Marking In Your House
  • When to leave an adult dog home alone and loose in the house
  • Difference Between Walks and Elimination Periods Outside
  • Dog Doors are a BAD Idea!
  • Obedience Training goes along with House Training in Adult Dogs
  • Old Wives Tails on House Training Dogs
  • Using Crates as Punishment
  • Crate Aggression in Adult Dogs
  • Hard to Train Dogs
  • Emails on House Training Problems
Bought this product?

I purchased your ebook yesterday (see below for details of our previous emails regarding frequent urination.) I found the book to be perfect for someone who thinks the way I do. I do not like to have "too much" information, I prefer my information short, easy to understand and without a lot of extra, off-topic or over-explanation. I like to be told just what I need to know. This book did just that.

- on

We have been using the house training eBook for about two weeks. It has been the most valuable tool that we could have ever purchased. The puppy has responded well, and the only problems have been those of our own making. The puppy is well on her way. The crate is definitely the best way to go. The pup lets us know when its time, and if she doesn't sound off, we take her out anyway. She knows what she is there for, and what we expect. We wish we would have been using your techniques from the very beginning. It would have made all of our lives a bit better. Thanks for the valuable product.

- on

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