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DVDs & CDs Janice Gunn Proofing and Problem Solving with Janice Gunn
Proofing and Problem Solving with Janice Gunn
Based on 0 reviews

Proofing and Problem Solving with Janice Gunn

Based on 0 reviews
  • Filmed during TNT's Competition Obedience Summer Camp
  • Extensive menu for easy navigation
  • 4 Hour Dual Disc DVD
  • Must have for handlers at any level of training
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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This dual disc DVD was filmed at TNT’s Annual Summer Camp. My first DVD’s – Puppy & Novice – and Open & Utility are a step by step training guide on how to teach the competition obedience exercises. Proofing & Problem Solving is different in that ALL the camp participants graciously agreed to be filmed with their dogs so that you can see Janice's suggestions on how to work through and solve the training issues they had presented to her. On the Problem Solving disc, you will see 2 hours worth of campers working various breeds on a variety of exercises stemming from novice, open and utility.

On the Proofing disc you will see Janice working with Raisin (Golden Retriever) and Louie (Labrador Retriever). Raisin recently earned her UD title and is accumulating OTCH points. Louie has not yet been in the novice ring and is only 18 months old. In the opening segment, Janice starts off with an extensive puppy training demonstration with her 11 week old Labrador pup, Mighty. You get to see 3 distinct levels of training with her own dogs ranging in age from 11 weeks, 18 months to 3 years old.

The proofing DVD gives you numerous ideas on how to proof your dog and shows games you can play during training. You will learn ways to challenge your dogs and to keep them alert and thinking thru out your training. Janice shows a variety of ideas on how to keep your training fun, creative and spontaneous.

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