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Jumbo Bully Stick
Based on 2 reviews
$5.25 - $9.99

Jumbo Bully Stick

Based on 2 reviews
$5.25 - $9.99
  • Made from free range, grass fed bulls
  • No added hormones or preservatives
  • Human grade and oven baked
  • FDA approved and sourced from South America
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These bully sticks are grass fed, free range, sustainably sourced dog treats. The bulls are from an open range where they can have a happy natural life which results in rich flavor. No hormones or preservatives added.


As with any treat or toy, please supervise your dog at all times. If your dog chews this down to a small piece that may be a choking hazard, please take it away from your dog. Dogs may swallow it whole and it could cause upset stomach or other digestive problems.

Bought this product?

My dogs absolutely love bully sticks. I've tried the cheap ones from the local pet stores but they do not compare what so ever to these. These bully sticks last WAY longer and don't stink like the other ones. I have no problems letting my dogs chew these on the carpet either because they do not leave a residue at all. You definitely get what you pay for on these.

I've got three dogs ranging from 20 pounds to 40 pounds and one bully stick lasts about a week per dog. All are pretty aggressive chewers.

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My dogs absolutely LOVE these bully sticks! We've tried other kinds, and my dogs prefer this brand. They are also the closest to "odorless" that I've been able to find.

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