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Leerburg's BioThane Police Leash
Based on 0 reviews

Leerburg's BioThane Police Leash

Based on 0 reviews
  • 3/4" wide
  • High quality stainless steel snaps
  • Amish-Made with BioThane
  • Multiple o-rings
  • Snaps are sewn and riveted for extra security
  • Tensile strength of 750 lbs

This shows our over the shoulder police leash. It's 3/4" wide with 2 stainless steel snaps and 3 "O" rings. This leash can be worn over the shoulder to quickly secure a dog or it can be used in training as a longer training leash. With multiple O-rings it is easy to change the length of this leash to fit your needs.


1st fixed ring is about 4 inches from the snap. 2nd fixed ring is 24 inches from the snap. 3rd ring is 54 inches from the snap. Snap to snap is approximately 75 inches.

Need it to be longer? Perhaps a pull tab would be the solution to give the extra inches needed.


Our stainless steel hardware cannot be compared to the chrome hardware (which will rust) on competition lines.

Our BioThane has a tensile strength of 375 lbs. It is lighter and stronger than leather. We had our Amish harness makers attach a BioThane line and a leather line to their draft horses. The leather broke before the BioThane in three different tests. Click here to watch the video.

BioThane (unlike leather) is not affected by rain or getting wet.

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