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New & Sales Spring Cleaning Limited Stock Leerburg Long Lines - No Handle
Limited Stock Leerburg Long Lines - No Handle
Based on 0 reviews
$9.00 - $28.00

Limited Stock Leerburg Long Lines - No Handle

Based on 0 reviews
$9.00 - $28.00
  • 3/8" round
  • Made from poly braided rope
  • Lengths are rounded DOWN to the whole size. Ex. 31' option might be 31' 9". Lengths may vary.

The snap has been tied, and sewn in place. This line is a soft flexible line that is very easy on the hands, yet extremely strong. Made from poly braided rope. The line retains its flexibility after getting wet. This is a very important feature of any tracking line.

If you are going to be a sport tracker, you know that a 10 meter line is required for Schutzhund. If you come to a trial and try to use a tracking line that is shorter than 10 meters you will have a point deduction from your score.

If you are a police officer 10 meters is too long, so you can cut this line down to 20 feet.

This line is also used as an agitation line. It is big enough in diameter to allow a handler to get a good grip and reduce the possibility of rope burns from a hard charging dog.

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