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Electric Collars Educator Educator PG300 Pager Only E-Collar
Educator PG300 Pager Only E-Collar
Based on 0 reviews
$189.99 - $319.99 $168.00 - $278.00

Educator PG300 Pager Only E-Collar

Based on 0 reviews
$189.99 - $319.99 $168.00 - $278.00
  • 3/4" width collar strap
  • 1/2 mile range
  • Employs quick charge li-polymer batteries
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Fits all sizes and breeds (cats too)
  • Tone button for behavior marking
  • Remote controlled tracking light
  • 100 levels of adjustable vibration
  • Deaf and service dog approved
  • Patent-pending dual motor technology
  • Expandable to a 2 dog system
  • Two Year Full Warranty
  • Special order item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.


The Educator PG-300 is the perfect e-collar to communicate with your dog without electrical stimulation. This collar is a pager-only style and offers 100 levels of adjustable vibration. Humane, reliable, convenient, and safe, this collar is great for communication with dogs that are deaf or have hearing disabilities.

Please remember, you will get better results with the use of lower vibration combined with consistent training techniques. Some techniques require a high-value reward immediately after the correct behavior has been performed. To prevent desensitization, the use of high levels of vibration should only be used when lower levels do not produce the desired results.

Why buy an Educator Collar?

Educator collars are lighter and more technologically current. Educator's tapping sensation is twice as intense as their pager mode, their tones are more pronounced, their stimulation is cleaner and has a higher intensity when needed. The stimulation dial on the Educator is easier to adjust and has the "lock and set" feature to prevent accidental over-stimulation, for 2 dogs each dog can be locked in to a different level. Educator's stimulation is of a medical grade type that does not cause head jerking but will obtain compliance.

Another technological advantage of Educator Collars is that they have the quickest stimulation in the industry. In other words from the time you push the button to the time stimulation starts is the shortest in the industry. This may be a subtle to many but competition trainers like it very much.

All of Educator's products have night lights. They have programmable modes allowing the user to select different uses for the buttons. All of the Educator transmitters float and are waterproof to 500' and can withstand 5000 Gs of shock. Comparable e-collars are good to 60' and 1000 Gs of shock, tough but not as tough. They have a quick-release belt/saddle/purse clip combined with the ergonomics of the transmitter make it easier to work. Educator uses Biothane collar straps for unsurpassed durability. Comparing similar e-collars in other brands to the ET300 is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari but paying the same price.

Last but not least, the money you spend stays in the US. All Educator collars and products are made in the USA.

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