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Leerburg » 2011 Photo Contest Submissions

2011 Photo Contest Submissions

Page 4 | Submissions 601+

The photo submissions on this page are up in the order that we received them. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. If you don't see all of your photos, we had a maximum of 2 photos per person, so we narrowed them down. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

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601. Lucy & Maxx
Submitted by: Valerie
Picture #1 -- Entitled “Whoa” because I can just imagine that is what Lucy is thinking as Maxx is greeting her for the very first time. It was taken by my daughter, Ashley (then age 14) on the very first day we brought Lucy home. Lucy was 10 weeks old and Maxx 7 months old.
Picture #2 - Entitled “Together Forever” – Maxx and Lucy love the beach! This picture was taken by my husband, Howie on a beautiful summer day at Bodega Bay, CA.
Maxx and Lucy are 5 years old and have been inseparable ever since that first day they met. They are the most amazing dogs we have ever had. Maxx is a loyal friend and gentle, wise “old soul” and Lucy is a bright light of joy! She has personality plus, loves all things pink and is the social butterfly of the family. Maxx competes in dock diving and they both compete in Rally Obedience.
Maxx –5 ½ year old yellow Lab, male – CGC, Splash Dog Champion, Rally Obedience Title (RN)
Lucy – 5 year old yellow Lab, female – CGC, Rally Obedience (title in progress)
Submitted by: Felipe
603. Hunter & Rico
Submitted by: James
My two mals-litter mates Hunter & Rico 6 years old. First photo-Take Two of Rico & Hunter. Second phote Hunter sun bathing.
604. Lady
Submitted by: Stacey
Lady is a two year old GSD that loves attention. She is protective, playful and patient especially with our 5 year old twins. When she does not feel that we are giving her enough attention she will take an object like her bone, flip it up in the air and then pounce on it as if to say, "See how much fun I'm having? Wanna play?" She is a quick learner, an escape artist and a loved member of our family.
605. Taedyn
Submitted by: Kathleen
Photo 1: Taken in the Adirondacks in upstate NY. This is an infrared photo of Taedyn looking over a lake with a back pack on. I have other photos from here, both color and infrared. The fall colors are beautiful, so feel free to let me know if you need an autumn photo.
Photo 2: Playing fetch with Taedyn. Here you can see her captured mid-stride running towards the stick.
I adopted Taedyn from an SPCA when she was 6 years old. She is a hard working dog with seemingly an unlimited amount of energy, but she is also a huge snuggle bug and gentle and shares her love.
606. Beau the Yellow Lab
Submitted by: Harry
Featured is our 5 1/2 year old Yellow Lab named Beau taken on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina where we escape the Florida summers. He is a rescue from the local SPCA and was about 1 year when we took him in. We were the third home for him due to behavior issues, but really all he needed was some patient guidance and loads of exercise. He loves to swim, hunt for hidden objects, explore the woods, and as you might expect he enjoys a brisk jog along side a bicycle more than a gentle walk. In his spare time on Friday's he enjoys being a registered therapy dog at a local nursing home where he delights the residents and receives lots of hugs and attention. Most of all he is a treasured member of our family who adds a precious dimension to our household. We owe much of his good obedience to the training tips we received from your wonderful website and DVDs that we have purchased.
607. Bruno the American Pit Bull Terrier
Submitted by: Klaudia
This is our dog Bruno. He is a 20 month old American Pit Bull Terrier.
My husband Eric and I got him when he was 9 weeks old. Bruno loves to hang out and run around with his BFF Sinatra, who is about the same age and a Pit Bull as well. He doesn't like water though... We usually call him Kiss Bull, because he showers us with kisses all the time. He is super active, loves to go hiking, and play fetch. He loves to play find the treat, I hide it in the house and he will go find it.
The first picture is from the very 1st day we got him, March 2nd 2010. The second one was taken a couple of days ago.
608. Lucy Freckles the Jasck Russel/Rat Terrier Mix
Submitted by: Alfonso
I would like to submit these two photos that my wife took our dog Lucy Freckles. She is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. Lucy is about 5 years old and we saved her from the pet shop when she was 4 months. I say saved because she was in the tiny pet shop kennel for 2 months because no one purchased her. We would go by a see her when we would go and buy food for our other dog. They keep dropping the price on her so she would sell but no one was buying her. After we closed on our house I decided to buy her if she was still there, my fear was that the next step the pet shop was going to take was to put her down. When we got her her muscles were so undeveloped that she could barely hop up and over a small log in the trail we were walking her on.
609. Herkules
Submitted by: Raquel & Howie
Herkules is a purebred rottweiler who became part of our family when he was 6 months old. He is very bright, has high drive and always wants to work. He is lovable and playful and enjoys the snow, his pool and all types of training. He loves children and is a wonderful addition to our family. This 1st photo is of "Herkules first snow." He is about 8 months old in this picture.
610. Grace the Doberman
Submitted by: Jenny
Photo 1: The first photo is of Grace, our 2.5 year old Doberman. We adopted Grace as a rescue at 8 weeks. Currenty, she is competing in both agility and, she does lots of great tricks. We have taken classes with Michael Ellis and currently are training with Andrew Ramsey for Nosework.
Grace is a character! She loves to engage with both people and dogs... and she had adopted our previously feral cat, Lily, as her private cat. They love to kiss and nuzzle each other.
Photo 2: This photo is of Grace and I training. Grace loves heeling!
611. Hanna the German Shepherd & Trooper the Lab Mix
Submitted by: Gary
Photo 1: Hanna & Toy: Hanna is our German Shepherd. She is currently 1 yr and 10 months old. The picture was taken when she was 8 weeks old. She is snuggled up with her new toy on the night that we were bringing her home. We traveled over 320 miles from Spokane, WA to Rochester, WA to adopt her from a reputable breeder. We spent the night in a hotel, where you see Hanna fast asleep and very content.
Photo 2: Hanna & Trooper: This picture was taken on the night we arrived home. We introduced Hanna to each of our pets, and Hanna is pictured here with Trooper. Trooper is a 7 year old female lab mix, which we rescued from the pound. She had a terrible cut to the bone and the vet said she may lose her foot. My wife Jeannie and daughter Breanna changed her dressings every day and her leg healed up very nicely.
612. Parker & Monty
Submitted by: Christy
Photo 1: Parker was pulled from the shelter when she was 13 weeks old, and diagnosed with distemper. A tremendous will to live not only turned her into a great agility dog, but she is also an avid and accurate K9 Nose Work dog. Here, she's performing a vehicle search.
Photo 2: Monty was pulled from a shelter when he was 5 months old. He's a natural Doberman, ears, tail and dew claws! And a bundle of energy.
613. Beck the Smooth Fox Terrier
Submitted by: Vicki
This is Beck, he is an 8 month old smooth fox terrier. I sent another pic with him and three of my collies earlier. Anyway he is my second fox terrier my first was a wire that I lost almost two years ago at 13. He's an abosolute hoot, loves water. I introduced him to water in the bathtub and had him playing with toys in the water at 8 weeks. He took to the pool immediately and was out of the life vest in 4 swims. We have an inexpensive Bestway metal frame kiddie pool that is 30 inches deep and 12 feet across. Perfect for Beck and the collie to have a nice swim. Hoping to have him running in agility trials in the future. He's very quick to learn and has no fear. He's a great little dog

Submitted by: Janel
Multiple V Can Ch. Halo’s Angel Eyeofthedragon RA, CDX, TD, HIC
Photo 1:Five years old but will probably never completely grow up. He is a fun loving ham and clown and a pirate at heart.
Photo 2: Irish for the day.

615. Apollo
Submitted by: Paulinus
Apollo came from Show / pet quality stock from Kimbertal Kennels in PA. He went through basic protection and had off leash obed. but he was basically a pet. He did stop a robbery of my house just by his presence when I lived in NY. He was about 4-5 months at the time but was already about 50-60lbs and about 22" (approx. the size of a normal sized Dobie - he eventually hit 30" and about 105lbs). I came home to see one window pane removed from my back door and APollo peering out. Obviously I was lucky that he was so big and that was enough to scare the robbers off because he had absolutely no training at the time.
616. Hana & Hagrid the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Amy
Photo 1: Hana is an adorable black and tan German Shepherd. When she was first brought home, she was only 5 months old. I didn't have good impression of her as I didn't find her adorable nor as beautiful as a Siberian Husky. However, what impressed me is that she has homing instinct. We never had a chance to toilet-train her and she knew it already. She has never or by chance did her business in the house for the past 5 years living with us. Another worth mentioning thing is that she actually saved my next door neighbour from getting trapped in the fire. Before the fire could spread to the rooms at the wee hour of the night, her frantic barks woke up all the nearby neighbours and that family was rescued. Kudos to Hana.
Photo 2: My 2nd dog is a bi-color male German Shepherd. His name is Hagrid Amarcord and he is 4 year old. He is trained for Schutzhund and particularly good in biting work. He enjoys working and knows when he needs to work and when not. He always stand at the door wagging his tail to receive us when we come home after a long day at work, seeing his happy face, we are re-charged and forget about our tiredness. He is really a loving companion as well as a deterrent. I just couldn't stop loving him.
617. Rookie
Submitted by: Kim
Rookie”  Just Fagen Von Kistha Haus CGC, CD, RN, RA
Rookie is 5 years old.  He is an East German Bred male that loves obedience, playing ball and playing on playground equipment.  He is a goof ball at heart and my pride and joy. 
618. Flyy & Gwen the Border Collies
Submitted by: Jamie
Here are two pictures of my working border collies. Flyy is 1 year  and 3 months old and Gwen is only 10 weeks. 
Flyy is a search and rescue dog and we also compete in agility. Gwen will be doing the same thing when she gets older!
619. Blaze & Gunner the Dobermans
Submitted by: Karen
Photo 1: Black and tan Doberman with pink collar - "Blaze", female, 3 years and we just started in agility! She's doing AWESOME and we're loving it!
Photo 2: Blue and tan Doberman with life jacket - "Gunner", male, 5 years and can't swim a stroke if his life depended on it! But loves the water if he's got his jacket (and his mom)!
620. Moon~Beam the English Bull Terrier
Submitted by: Christine
"Moon~Beam" is an English Bull Terrier 6 yrs young, we met when someone told me a neighbor was going to take a deaf dog to the pound (most likely to be euth'd)  apparently the breeder no longer wanted her either.  (She was about 4mos old at the time) She is a funny, goofy little girl!
621. Dina the GSD
Submitted by: Cindy
My GSD Dina playing on the slide.
622. Elvis & Vegas
Submitted by: Ferdi
Photo 1: Elvis (15 mths) enjoying a day at Sardina Bay, South Africa
Photo 2: Vegas (3 yrs) - Lazy Sunday Afternoon siesta
623. Kenz & Ness the Border Collies
Submitted by: Sally
Photo 1: Kenz (aka Winpara Dream Chaser DWDF.S JD) as an 8 week old pup about 2 days after she arrived on a flight from interstate. She is a border collie who is now 3 and who competes in both agility, obedience, canine freestyle and herding.
Photo 2: Ness (Lochness CDX ADM JDM ADO JDO SPD GD SD) and Kenz ( aka Winpara Dream Chaser DWDF.S JD). Ness is a now nearly 11 year old Border Collie and has just started trialling in tracking but has also trialled in obedience, agility and canine freestyle. Kenz is also a border collie who is now 3 and who has competed in agility, obedience, canine freestyle and herding. 
624. Elye

Submitted by: Cindy
Photo 1: Elye..registered name is “Schnell aus Blitz Elye’s coming”, CD, CGC and certified therapy dog.  He is now 5 yrs old, but was just about 2 in this picture.
Photo 2: Elye again….he was 3 yrs old in this picture.  Running as usual one of his favorite things to do!  He is high energy, loves the treadmill and loves to swim.
He is a great boy!  He is one of the demo dogs at obedience classes…all levels puppy kindergarten up to advanced.
He is a therapy dog and he and I do the orientations of new dog/handler teams at the hospital. He has done reading programs for 1st graders at a local elementary school, participated in local community programs on dog safety for kids and is an all around great dog. 

625. Tacoma the GSD & Kona the Bernese
Submitted by: Audra
I adopted my female GSD, Tacoma, from The Seeing Eye when she was retired from their breeding program and I happened to be moving onto other things after working there during undergrad and after college. She whelped five litters in total and has offspring that are now breeders and working guide dogs. Now, she's just retired and spoiled-- happiest when with me and with a tennis ball nearby, and practicing obedience or tricks or anything else that involves food and a ball. This photo was taken when she was about 6yo, and was impatiently waiting for me to throw the ball-- I asked for her to "wave" before she could have it, and the tongue sticking out was a side effect of her anticipation, and a comical bonus!  She just turned 8yo last month, though she still looks and acts about 4yo....
The other photo is of Tacoma at about 5yo, days after I brought her home, with the great love of my life-- Kona, my Bernese.  Tacoma is, of course, wondering where I hid the ball, and he is wondering what she is doing. You know how some people have a once-in-a-lifetime dog? Kona was mine, and I was lucky enough to know it for his entire life, rather than in retrospect, after one has many dogs afterward. Unerringly steady, thoughtful, always checked with me when in doubt, never started conflicts and was perfect as a distraction dog for clients with shy or volatile dogs, utterly trustworthy with small animals and babies, loved all people, learned quickly and truly understood cause and effect of his behaviors. He was the type that everyone loved when they met him, including people who were afraid of dogs (impressive, given that he was over 100lbs and looked like a bear) and people who don't like animals (including my mother). He turned 9yo a month after this photo was taken and never once looked or acted his age. He was diagnosed suddenly with lymphosarcoma less than 3 months later and the cancer and the chemo aged him quickly. Letting him go is still the hardest thing I have ever done; looking at his photos-- something I almost never do since losing him-- is still far more bitter than sweet, but I am glad I have them. Thank you for giving the me the opportunity to remember him again.  
627. Bella
Submitted by: Helen
This is my Bella she is 3 years old, loves to have her nails painted and will let me do pretty much anything to her. Bella loves to play with new doggie friends and or people friends. She is a very social girl wants to be where everyone is  at all times.
628. Winter the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Jerrilynn
Winter Loups du Soleil, my three year old Belgian Malinois, on our week long hike of the Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada in June 2011.
629. Sadie the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Cathy
Here is two photo’s of Sadie our German Shepherd. She is a great companion.
630. Maggie, Consuela, & Bandit

Submitted by: Jen
Maggie, Jack Russell 11years old
Consuela, Chihuahua 8 years old
Bandit, Belgium Malinois 9 1/2 years old
These are my babies waiting patiently for dinner.

631. Epic the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Kristen
Epic - now 2 years (5 months in the photos)
Epic is a working line Belgian Malinois. We are focusing on agility training, but have dabbled in bitesports and dock diving.
632. Charlie the Cocker Spaniel
Submitted by: Jessica
My dogs name is Charlie. He is a 3 year old cocker spaniel that acts more like a cat than a dog. Charlie is super photogenic and playful!
633. Cuervo the Pitbull & Australian Cattle Dog Mix Puppies
Submitted by: Ericka
The first is of a litter of puppies that I rescued from a homeless man. They are about 6 weeks old in this picture. They learned quickly when it was time for bed and where to sleep. Crate training was very easy and kept my carpets clean. They never had a mess in the crate and learned to go outside fast. They were a great litter of pups and all have great home. They are Australian Cattle dog mixes. Their names front to back: Dingo, Kali, Squish, Ollie, and Penny. They are 6 years old today.
The second picture if of my Pitbull named Cuervo. There are so many benefits of have a trained dog but of the best is that I can take my dogs everywhere. He is pictured at the beach were we walk and play with him off leash and under great control. As you can see he is a happy boy and loves our California weather! He is 9 years old in this picture and is now 11 1/2.
634. Kayla
Submitted by: Josée
635. Gunny, Kolby, & Shelby
Submitted by: Duke
The first picture is of our dog Gunny, at one year old, a lab. 
The second picture is of 3 friends running in a reservoir, Kolby, Gunny and Shelby.  Two labs and a golden - all under 3 years old.
636. Dyna the GSD
Submitted by: Magda
Attached are two photos of my dog Dyna. Dyna is a working line GSD, who has one floppy ear. She is now 3.5 years-old. We adopted her at the age of 18 months and had quite a few problems with her to start with (still dealing with some of them…) – she was totally untrained, didn’t know any structure, and was fearful and aggressive towards other dogs and some people. At the same time she had a really high prey drive, which made her want to run after everything that moved…we’ve had a local trainer come to our house on a few occasions, I’ve joined the obedience club…etc, but it was only your advice (I got all the “general dog training” DVDs that you’ve produced including the foundations of Michael Ellis system) that finally helped us to create the right environment for her. Currently she is either crated at home, outside in her run or leashed on a city walk. There are two places where I let her run free (always with an e-colar and also a muzzle if I can’t pay 100% attention to her): a farmlet when I keep my horse and a local equestrian centre. She absolutely loves the farm environment and this is where I can see the “real her” – she is engaged, playful, full of energy, but at the same time fully controlled – we got to the point that she wouldn’t run even after a rabbit if I say “no” (she whines and complains about it, but sticks with me anyway). There is a little stream at the farmlet, which is Dyna’s favourite playground. She would retrieve anything that I throw into the water, and if I don’t have time to play with her she’d simply jump in and out by herself. The first photo attached shows Dyna playing in the stream with an enormous stick. The composition is not perfect, but I love the “action” feel of it…I hope you’d like it too. The second photo shows Dyna jumping over the horse jumps at the Equestrian centre – I typically play with her in an empty paddock while my daughter is having a horse riding lesson.
637. Charger the Dutch Shepherd
Submitted by: Heidi
Charger is a 9 month old blue Dutch Shepherd (the pictures were taken when he was 8 weeks old).  He is a typical Dutchie with lots of energy and drive so he keeps our family on our toes.  He is a loyal friend and protector of our 8 year old twins, and a source of constant laughter.  He's named after our beloved football team, the San Diego Chargers. 
638. Zora, Harmony, & Cali
Submitted by: Dianne
Photo 1: Zora my Belgian Malinois who is a retired Bomb dog and now Beach Bum with her buddy Harmony my little mixed dog and beach bum. 
Photo 2: My new addition, Cali the Mali from California. 
639. Bera the GSD & Flip the Catahoula Leopard Dog
Submitted by: Lorrie
Photo 1: Bera the 9 week old GSD
After having had many breeds over the years, Bera is my first working line GSD and I’m happy to have found her. This picture was taken just after I brought her home. She was showing her natural agility, boldness and energy as she easily jumped over a fallen log to follow me. Now she likes to chew on the trees when she misses a squirrel.
Photo 2: Flip the 11 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog
I bred and raised Catahoulas for many years, and Flip was my senior stud dog. We did many activities, trials and shows together. He was a champion in many ways, but most importantly, an exceptionally good family and buddy dog. A very versatile breed, but one that is not for everyone, Catahoulas are clever-smart breed, that are extremely loyal, athletic and are game for any activity.
640. Teddy the Sheltie
Submitted by: Marianne
Teddy is a 5 year old male Sheltie.  He was a year old when I adopted him, and has been a lovely companion since day one.  He is beautiful, smart and very sweet. 
641.Karma the Dutch Shepherd/Malinois Mix & Rusty the Golden/German Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Lydia
Photo 1: Karma, 16 month old Dutch Shepherd/Malinois mix. Always ready for any type of sport!
Photo 2: Rusty, 13 year old Golden/German Shepherd mix. A wonderful old guy to have around, and still pretty spry for his age!
642. Solo & Whistler
Submitted by: Mindy
Photo 1: Solo (left), 4 yrs old and Whistler (right), 1.5 yrs old. The photo looks like a teamwork poster, but in reality they are working against each other.
Photo 2: Saturday Night Lil Miss Whistler 1.5 yrs old is resting after a long day on the beach at Cannon Beach, OR.
643. Nugget the Labrador Retriever
Submitted by: Karen
Here are two  photos of our Labrador Retriever Nugget taken in November 2011 at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the most easterly point in North America and about 10 miles from our home in St. John's. Nugget was born on July 7, 2011 and came from Bernfield Kennels in Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia. We've done Puppy Classes and Beginner's Obedience classes and this fall we'll be attending more Obedience classes. I would love to enter her in CKC Obedience trials, and maybe even look at being a Hospital Visiting Dog someday. She has a lovely, gentle personality. She is the first female dog we've ever owned, after over 40 years of male dogs!
644. Babe
Submitted by: Stacey
Babe was simply the best.  She was obedient, highly protective, loving and a loyal companion.  She would chase anything you threw into the water and retrieve it for you...including people!  Her favorites were rocks and pieces of wood.  She would swim in a circle yelping for you to throw a rock or a piece of wood.  When you did, she would swim to the spot and try to retrieve it.  We lost Babe to spleen cancer shortly after this picture was taken.
645. Blizzard the Sheltie
Submitted by: Kelly
Attached are two pictures of my little Sheltie “Blizzard.”  She’s a 2 ½ yr old undersized Sheltie, standing just under 12” at the withers and weighing a whole 9lbs ….but what she lacks in size she makes up for in attitude and love of life!!!!
Photo 1: Shows jumping during a backyard agility session.  She is absolutely CRAZY about agility – a little speed demon.  People laugh at us all the time at agility trials as they see her fast asleep, upside down in my arms right outside of the ring…then they see this crazy fast dog running the second we walk into the ring – they can’t believe it’s the same dog!!
Photo 2: Shows the “quiet side” of her relaxing among some flowers.
646. Marcus Aurelius the Can Corso
Submitted by: Kris
This is my 2 year old Cane Corso Italiano BellaRosas Marcus Aurelius. They are great dogs!!
647. Rojo the Border Collie
Submitted by: Charles
Attached please find a picture of Contact Point's Rojo Caliente (aka "Rojo"), our now eight month old male Border Collie pup for your Photo Contest.  He's the great nephew of our 10-year-old "Triple Crown of Dog Agility" winner, Contact Point's Ojos Azules.  Rojo and I attended Michael Ellis' Puppy Development Seminar in California earlier this year when Rojo was 12 weeks old.  As a consequence, his favorite word is "YES."  Again, thanks for all you all provide.
648. Onyx, Shayna, Thanos, Odin, Alee
Submitted by: Sandee
Photo 1: This is Onyx helping with the farm chores.
Photo 2: Onyx, Shayna, Thanos, Odin, Alee on a "watch me." 
649. Thor
Submitted by: John
650. Kato the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kim
My dog, Kato, is 10 months old.  I have been in the sport for 6 years and enjoy working with my dog.  Kato is a love bug, but loves to work!  He always brings a smile to my face!
651. Little Bit, Mojo & Koga
Submitted by: Tara
Photo 1: Little Bit, will be 1 year old in October. She is a scruffy, wheaton mix that we rescued. She loves swimming, playing in the woods, and agility.
Photo 2: Mojo and Koga, 2 year old black GSD brothers. They have been quite a challenge but with doggy daycare, obedience, tracking training, and agility, I have been able to turn them into gentlemen.
652. Kahr & Gizmo
Submitted by: Melissa
Photo 1: This is Kahr, she's 3 1/2 years old.  She is ball crazy and shares her home with 2 corgis.  She picks out her own sweaters in the winter. 
Photo 2: This is Gizmo, he's a 10 year old Welsh Corgi but he thinks he's 3.  He went through 2 or 3 homes but found his forever home with me 7 years ago. 
653. Axel the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Charles
Attached please find 2 photos of our dog Axel.  He is a 11 month old Sable German Shepherd puppy.  Although no longer a small puppy, about 90 lbs now, we couldn’t resist sending photos when he was younger.
The first photo he is sleeping on my daughter’s lap and the other taken this winter playing ball outside- his favorite thing to do.
654. Scout the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Patricia
Attached please find two photos of our dog Scout.  She is a 3 year old Black and Tan German Shepherd.  I have sent you photos of her favorite activities for each season.  When its winter, she loves to be in the snow chasing balls and summer- the backyard baby pool.  She loves the water, she will stare at the hose until you either fill the pool or attach a sprinkler. 
655. Glory & Honor
Submitted by: Rebecca
Puppy on the left is Glory, and the puppy on the right is Honor.
Glory and Honor were the only puppies in the litter, and are about 8 weeks old in the picture.  They are sired by American Pit Bull Terrier, UWP GRCH 'PR' West Winds Extra! Extra! and the dam is American Pit Bull Terrier, UWP NBOB NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Cali Girl's Gone Wild.  Glory is now 10 months old and a Grand Champion.  Her registered name is GRCH 'PR' Cali Girl's No Guts No Glory.  Honor will start his show career in 2012.
656. Ana
Sumitted by: Lisa
This is actually one of Deuce's daughters from Von Franks Kennels.  She is a blessing to our family.
657. Harley the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Cindy
This is Harley, our 2 year old sable female German Shepherd, and our son's best friend.  The second picture is of our little boy and Harley :)
658. Cheyenne von fulk the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Corey
Cheyenne von fulk German Shepherd dog 10 months old .
Submitted by: Jennifer
660. Loki the Pit Bull
Submitted by: Joseph
This is a male pit bull named loki, 13 weeks old
Photo 1: Loki in the chair.
661. Schelbie, Shep, & Buddy Blue
Submitted by: Tobias
Photo 1: White German Shepherd: Schelbie, aged 12. This photo was taken the morning she was put to sleep in 2003. She was deaf, almost completely blind, missing teeth, and had severe hip dysplasia. She was a great dog and shared a special bond with my mother, who she shared a birthday with. She was buried later on that day next to her own mother, Sheba, in our back yard. This is by far my favourite photo of her.
Photo 2: Siberian Husky and Malamute Mix puppy: Shep (age 2) and Buddy Blue (age 9 weeks) playing with a sock rope toy; photo taken somewhere around 2000. Another one of those shots that we completely weren't expecting. Buddy was not injured (we definitely checked him over). He refused to let go and kept going back even after Shep dropped the toy.  Shep later figured out how to jump the fence and ended up teaching Buddy how as well... Shep would place his front paws on the fence, and then, since he wasn't big enough to jump it himself, Buddy would run up his back... They definitely taught us how to build a proper dog fence, that's for sure.
662.Bruno the Bullmastiff
Submitted by: Steve
Bruno a 145l male bullmastiff 5 years old
663. Cyr
Submitted by: John
Our female "Cyr," trained with Michael a bit when she was young, she is over 8 now!
664. Joker
Submitted by: Deborah
Dog's name is Hero vom haus Huro (call name Joker) puppy photo 10 weeks old, bitework photo 10 months old. He is now almost 15 months old, training for schutzhund competition and going for his BH title next month!
665. Ruby Doo
Submitted by: Jack
Ruby Doo!
666. Rush
Submitted by: Nazli
This is my baby girl Rush.  She is 7.5 months and she was wearing your leather harness while we took these pictures.
667. Puppy the Pomeranian
Submitted by: Donna
Puppy is an 11 year old Pomeranian.  She is a happy-go-lucky free spirit whose loves food, sleeping, kayaking, hiking, and anything else where she gets to be with me.  She’s the most amazing best friend someone could ever have.  This picture is her kayaking in her lifejacket with the Austin, Texas, skyline behind her.
668. Baden vom Grim Orkie
Submitted by: Michelle
Baden vom Grim Orkie 5 yrs old PDC at 18 mos now just hangs at home with his family.
669. Gunner the GSD & Connall the Irish Wolfhound
Submitted by: Emily
Photo 1: My 6 year old GSD, Gunner.  We were hiking when I snapped that particular photo.  He is the love of my life and our relationship has benefited greatly from the training methods in Leerburg videos.  Gunner is our home town hero as he saved me from a nasty encounter with an unknown man last Christmas.  He's been in my life from the young age of 12 weeks and has traveled all over the country with me.
Photo 2: In the last photo is my Irish Wolfhound, Connall.  He was 16weeks in that photo and was raised from tips in your "8 weeks to 8 mos" video.  (he'll be 2 in December)  He has got to be the sweetest, dopiest dog that has ever lived and I can't imagine life without him!  He and Gunner love to go swimming in our farm pond while I work with my horses.
670. Penny the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Submitted by: Maria
This is Haywires Miss Moneypenny, 'Penny'.  She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and just turned a year old. I started her training using your 8 weeks to 8 months and then enrolled her in puppy classes here in town. She just finished the basic obedience and received her AKC Star Puppy award. We are now working towards her Canine Good Citizen award. Best dog I've ever owned but so glad I got your video to start her. She is *very* stubborn at times. Love your work and what you stand for!
671.Keiko the Bull Mastiff
Submitted by: Elizabeth
Keiko is a Bull mastiff puppy that loves attention, play, and most of all food. He quite approves of marker training and is learning  well. He is a family pet that will be well trained in OB.
672. Hank the Doberman Pinscher & Bronson the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
Submitted by: Bri
Photo 1: Hank, our Doberman Pinscher, who we lost to cancer last January at 3 years old. He excelled at obedience and had a very strong drive. He was very sweet and gentle with his family, yet very protective of our property.
Everyone who met Hank instantly fell in love with him. Losing Hank was very hard on everyone.
Photo 2: Bronson, is our 7 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. He working on perfecting his basic obedience, and loves playing tug and ball. He is very eager to please and a crazy little pup. Bronson been fed a natural raw diet since he was 10 weeks old.
673. Queich (Quick) Vom Haus Reid
Submitted by: Les
Queich is 2 1/2 years old and is certified as a SAR trailing dog. He is also certified in HRD and has 3 finds overall to his credit. We volunteer for Oregon K9 Search Teams.
674. Tink
Submitted by: Tamra
My boy's name is Tink, which is short for Ole Crooked Ear Tink One picture is the few seconds that are between the marker 'yes' and the treat being given. The other is Tink and his dumbbell. He is six months old now, in the pictures he is four (almost five) months.  
What can I say about Tink? I am at that age where the children are grown and the grandchild is too young to play.  Enter my boy, Tink.  My husband, Glenn, has never owned a dog in his life, but you wouldn't know that.  He comes with me to the obedience classes so he knows what to do, and we both watch the Leerburg videos and DVDs.  Everything your videos say about German Shepherds seems to be true about Tink.
Tink loves a challenge, he is a very quick learn. Everything is new to Tink, we really enjoy teaching and showing him new things.  You can almost see a lightbulb over his head when he finally 'gets it' during a lesson.  He will never be a champion show dog or a super stud, he will be our well behaved, super smart boy.  I can't say family pet, he is just too smart to be called that!
675. Gio the Labrador
Submitted by: Ildebrando
In the first one, my female labrador Gio at the top of the mountain at the end of an hard dog trekking day.
In the second one Gio when she was 5 months old. Now she is 6 years old and a search and rescue dog.
676. Loki the GSD & Sijn the Dutch Shepherd
Submitted by: Jason
My male GSD, Loki, and my female Dutch Shepherd.
677. Amo the Great Dane
Submitted by: Tai & Jason
"Amo" Knopf's N'Midnight Run's New Moon - 9 Months
Amo is a Great Dane that is just full of fun and enjoyment. He loves to run and train. We are training him for his CGC and confirmation.
678. Kirah the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Mark
Here is our four year old German Shepherd Kirah and our Hemingway cat Mittens. They are friends, playmates, and coconspirators. 
679. Britta & Bear
Submitted by: Pat
The first it my girl,  URO1 UCD Britta Vom Sturm Und Drang, CGC,STAR,RN,TDI,RA,RL1-AOE,CD,HIC.  She is 3 years old (2 in the photo), a beautiful sweet girl who loved everyone. One of the funniest that has happened with her was one day when I walked into my training club with her. A lot of people there are concerned about the GSDs. We were walking around a corner as another dog & owner were coming around the other way. This person saw Brit before they saw me. I heard her gasp & yell, "SHEPHERD!", grabbing her little dog. When she realized it was my dog, she immediately relaxed and said, "Oh, it's just Britta." It's great to know that "it's just Britta" and not a threat.
The second photo is of one of puppies from Britta's first litter. I called him Bear because he was the only coat and is 4 weeks old in this photo. He is Fulton vom Sturm und Drang. More than any of the other puppies Bear was into everything when given a chance and was the little charmer when people came to visit. He is growing into a very handsome boy, working toward competition obedience and possibly Schutzhund.
680. Alice the White Shepherd & Nikki the Chocolate Lab

Submitted by: Michael
Photo 1: First is Alice, a 5 year old white shepherd. She has a rather un-German Shepherd like personality, its more like a prissy cat. She loves sitting in your lap and snuggling, so its a good thing she is quite petite at 45 pounds.
Photo 2: Next is Nikki the chocolate lab, who is 16 in the picture, just after a bath. She died a few months later in 2010 due to liver cancer. Doctors gave her 6 months to live almost 2 years prior. Even at 16 years old she still had those 'puppy dog eyes' and wielded them expertly. Note: This photo was shot on film and scanned, so the resolution isn't that great.

681. Farrah the Shiloh Shepherd
Submitted by: Stephen
Attached please find two photos of Farrah, my 2 year old ISSR Shiloh Shepherd. Farrah is a plush golden sable female from Epic Shilohs in Innisfil, Ontario. Farrah came to us at 12 weeks and is truly an integral part of our family. Shilohs are bred for their mild temperaments and size (Farrah is 28" at the withers) and have strong family loyalty. Farrah passed her Canine Good Neighbour exam at 12 months of age, and in January 2011 became a certified therapy dog with the St John Ambulance, where her and I visit older adults at 2 facilities each week. She is also the spokes-dog (poster-pooch?) for the local Paws with a Cause program. She won 3 best-in-show reserve ribbons at her very first confirmation dog show last year and now we are participating in the sport of tracking and loving it! In addition to her dog world credentials, she is best friends with our cat Sebastien and is an avid outsdoors-dog, as she accompanies me on all of my field work excursions to the remote parts of Northwestern Ontario.
As you can probably tell, I am very proud of her, and the bond that we have together. I must admit it was very difficult to narrow down the 1000s of photos I have of Farrah. I chose the two photos I submitted because 1) one illustrates the majestic nature of the breed, her focus and her beauty. 2) the other shows her playfulness, agility and sheer joy of life that she has.
682. Jerry
Submitted by: Brad
Attached are pics of my dog Jerry during a camping experience this summer.
683. Leilah & Lulu the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Niki
Photo 1: This is Leilah, our beautiful female German Shepherd. She has a great personality, loves to learn and practice new commands and loves to play with her basketball.  
Photo 2: LuLu is such a sweet, yet very smart German Shepherd puppy. She loves to play, learn new commands and follow "her people" around. 
684. Woofles
Submitted by: Amanda
Woofles is our little genetic grab bag of a dog; we've had him since he was 8 weeks old (and he hasn't had kibble since!). He turned 9 this year. We just call him a "purebred mutt"; he's trained with voice, hand signals, and will follow my eyes and head for direction as well. When he was younger, he used to run agility courses for fun. His current job is guarding our quaker parrot from our youngest cat; Woofles takes that job very seriously and, when not outside, can be found laying in front of the bird's cage, keeping an eye out for the cat.
685. Bailey the Golden
Submitted by: Melissa
This is our Golden, Bailey.  She's 4 years old.
686. Trigger & Trooper the German Shepherds
Submitted by: JJ
Trigger and Trooper are littermate male German Shepherd Dogs being trained in Search and Rescue (SAR) using the TTD methodology. In their spare time, they perform agility, do freestyle disc work, and visit schools as Ambassadors of the Breed.
687. Rex the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Andrew
German Shepherds are very smart, but here’s my Rex thinking he’s qualified to be a doctor. (Actually, he was posing patiently for a photo shoot so I could make a card for my wife).
Rex is 8 months old, rescued from a shelter, super smart, very affectionate, and loves hiking in the mountains. His is nickname is “Kommissar Rex” (Inspector Rex), named after the talented canine star of an Austrian TV show of the same name, because he is very curious about everything, and is always inspecting what’s going on. If he was human, he’d be either a detective or a scientist.
688. Chemukh & Lakota the GSDs
Submitted by: Kim
Chemukh is a  Black GSD she is 6yrs old
Lakota is a Black /Red GSD he is 5 yrs old
The first photo is of Chemukh, While I was setting up obstacles for obedience class she went into the tunnel and waited there for me to finish. Chemukh loves her tunnel.
The second photo is of Chemukh and Lakota playing on the Oregon Coast with their favorite toy. Chemukh always has her Chuckit Ultra Ball in her mouth or close by.
Submitted by: Linda
690. Bear the GSD
Submitted by: Rick
This is a photo of “Bear” (Baron).  Bear is a 4 year old male red and black long-coated GSD.  We call him “Bear” because that’s what he reminds us of – He’s a very solid guy and with his long coat he looks even more “Bear-like.”  I included another, more “traditional” pose. 
691. Malia the GSD
Submitted by: Mark
Malia, 4 yr old GSD
692. Tara, Reagan, Madison, Jefferson, Virgil

Submitted by:
Photo 1: From left to right -- Tara, 11 yrs, Reagan, 7 yrs, Madison, 4 yrs, Jefferson, 3 yrs and Virgil, 4 yrs (who is the sable gsd in the back).
This is going to be a bit difficult since there are five of them in the picture. All five dogs are mine, the ones in the front are Australian Shepherds - awesome dogs (I've had them since they were all puppies). Virgil, the GSD has been with me for 4 months, he was a rehomed dog and he's fit in very well with a bit of training! He knew nothing about obedience or other dogs before he came to me -- and his idea of a cat seemed to be similar to his idea of a squirrel! In 4 months he's come a long way and I'm very proud of our progress together.
Photo 2: (left to right) Virgil, Madison, Reagan ... pretty tired after a 5 mile walk and a long game of fetch (it takes quite a bit to wear them out, and I think they were only taking a breather in this picture!).

693. Bogie & Christmas
Submitted by: Simona
Photo 1: This is Bogie (12 years old)  ! Six months before he passed away he still loved playing with the kids.
Photo 2: This is Christmas ( 9 months old white german shepherd) having fun at our pool this summer
694. Ziggy
Submitted by: Angelique
Ziggy is 16 months old.  She's my first Shepherd and my first dog.  We spent our winter in Tahoe this year and I can safely say she's a mountain dog...  At the moment we're both learning to play tug and ball on a string after recently going to Michael Ellis' awesome motivation class.
695. Onyx the Doberman Pinscher
Submitted by: Justyna
Onyx is a pure bred Doberman Pinscher, he is a model citizen and our loyal family member! There are a lot of misconceptions about Dobermans but we have found that with the proper training they are loyal friends, model citizens and can be great with kids (we have a 2 year old daughter and he is so gentle and patient with her). The two pictures that I included are of Onyx when he was a puppy, doing some long leash training (sit and stay) as well as one as a full grown adult in action. We are advocates for responsible dog ownership and strongly believe that all dogs should go through some obedience training for their own safety, the safety of the public as well as the sanity of their owners :-).
696. Gunter the GSD
Submitted by: Paul
Punk Von Der Sauk "Gunter" he started out cute and at two years of age Gunter has turned into one handsome looking GSD.  He is currently in training for Schutzhund 1 and has his BH.
697. Lola the Labrador
Submitted by: Jennifer
Lola Labrador, 5 years old, typical Labrador, water is good, more water is heavenly, especially if there is a ball involved. 
698. Took & Ditto
Submitted by: Misty
Photo 1: Took - 5 1/2
Certified Wilderness Air Scent Dog
Photo 2: Took & Ditto.
Father and Daughter (both Wilderness Air Scent  K9s)  having a little fun outside of the job.
699. Ozzie the GSD
Submitted by: Shay
Ozzie is now 13 months however in the fall photo he was only 3 months and the closeup photo below he was 11 months old.
Ozzie is a very playful puppy whose best friends include a chihuahua, lab and GSD as well as many dogs small and large at a play group that he goes to every week. He also is enrolled in Novice agility which he seems to absolutely love and look forward to every week.
700. Emma the Mastiff Pup
Submitted by: Karri
This photo is of Emma, one of my mastiff pups.
701. Sweat Pea & Bear the South African Boerboels
Submitted by: Kimberly
Here are my two South African Boerboels. In the first pic is Sweet Pea at 2 years old and the second pic is Bear at 13 weeks old.
702. Roxy the Malinois
Submitted by: Bob
How a Female Malinois pees!
K9 Roxy -FEMA disaster search dog with MA-TF1. 
4-1/2 yrs old
703. Fae
Submitted by: Corina
Both photos are of my personal protection and Schutzhund competition dog. Registered name is Mikiruq vom Lytle call name is Fae. Photo #1 is of Fae at 9 weeks of age on a trip to Portage Glacier in Alaska. Photo #2 is of Fae at 1 year 2 months old doing a practice run of sheep herding in Palmer Alaska.
Fae is a great dog with natural talents in sheep herding and Schutzhund. She was purchased from Shaun and Brigitte Lytle, working dog GSD breeders in Palmer Alaska, whom we train with each week. She is my personal protection dog and loves guarding the car and myself, especially now that I am pregnant with TWINS!  She will be 2 years old soon and we hope to fully title her in Schutzhund over the next 2 years as well as getting her AKC herding titles. She is a wonderful and sassy dog with lots of personality. We love her!
704. Yoko the Belgian Malinois & Janis the Mix Rescue Dog
Submitted by: Mario
Yoko: Belgian Malinois. I rescued her about 2 years ago, when we found her she had her right hind leg severely injured (we feared an amputation was needed), fortunately she did just fine.
Janis: Mix rescue dog. Janis is just great, so smart and focused! in the photo she is just chillin
705. Wolf
Submitted by: Blanca
Wanted to send you pictures from this side of the world of our Wolf. Like everybody else, I take more pics of wolf than anyone or anything else in this world :-)  My favorite pic of him looking at me lovingly with such expression on his face is on my cell phone.
Wolf is my first real dog that I've been taking care of since 6 weeks and I have a whole new appreciation for his kind. Wolf is very smart...sometimes I hope he becomes a kid in his next life.  He loves to be with my son, loves to ride in the back of the truck with his nose up in the air (you should see the mennonites staring at him when we pass by), loves to swim in the spring fed lagoon and loves to wake up early in the morning to listen and watch the birds. 
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