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Puppy Nursers
Based on 0 reviews

Puppy Nursers

Based on 0 reviews
  • Modified nursers are made with two parts (an underlying silicone nipple & a bulbous style overlay nipple)
  • The modified nursers come with a premade hole
  • Modified includes 1 silicone o-ring syringe, 1 Vacu-lock ring, and 1 Modified Nipple (with premade hole)

These Puppy Nursers provide the simplicity of bottle feeding with the accuracy of tube feeding.

Choosing a Nurser

Since we should feed according to weight it only makes sense to choose a nurser according to weight as well. It is much easier to hold a small baby with an appropriate size small nurser and a large baby with an appropriate size larger nurser.As a baby grows, so will their size and volume intake of formula. Please adjust your nurser size accordingly as babies grow.

Modified Nursers: Modified Nursers are best suited for babies that CANNOT latch onto a human grade style baby bottle nipple.

These nursers come with a 2 part nipple. The first part is a bulbous overlay nipple that allows babies to attach easily. The second part is a silicone underlay clear-like nipple that provides the perfect premade hole. You DO Not have to make holes in these nipples as they come with a premade hole already in them.

These nursers use a neonatal or human grade type baby bottle nipple and are best suited for medium to larger breeds. All of the Large Nipple Nursers come with a premade hole and DO NOT require the user to make any holes in the nipple. The 10cc Preemie Nurser nipple is about half the size of a regular baby bottle nipple and is great for "Preemie" babies in the medium to large size breeds

Sizing Guide

Toy Breed - Suggested sizes are 3cc/ml, and 5cc/ml

Small Breed - Suggested sizes are: 3cc/ml, 5cc/ml, 10cc/ml

Medium Breed - Suggested sizes are: 5cc/ml, and 10cc/ml

Large Breed - The suggested size is: 10cc/ml


The numbers or graduations on the syringes will wear off easily. This is due to the ink that is required to be used on them by the manufacturer. We recommend you use a piece of ultra-clear tape over the numbers, or use a clear nail polish over them to prevent them from wearing off quickly. Please first test nail polish on an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not remove the graduations or numbers if using this method.

This affects all syringes and we cannot replace the syringes because of this issue.

Thank you for understanding!

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