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Pure Bites Freeze Dried Treats
Based on 0 reviews
$10.99 - $21.99

Pure Bites Freeze Dried Treats

Based on 0 reviews
$10.99 - $21.99
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with only 1-3 human grade ingredients
  • 100% Pure, Natural, & Grain Free
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Treats can only be shipped domestically due to very restrictive regulations imposed by Canada and other countries relative to processed meat products.

All of the PureBites® Freeze Dried Treats are made with only 1-3 Ingredients. Dogs love the taste of PureBites® because they are 100% pure, locking in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Dog parents love PureBites® because they are rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life. Give PureBites® to your furry loved ones and the 1 Ingredient Treats will keep those tails wagging.


Chicken - 100% Pure USDA Inspected Chicken Breast

Ocean Whitefish - 100% Pure Pacific Ocean Wild Caught Whitefish

New Zealand Lamb Liver - 100% Pure New Zealand Sourced Lamb Liver

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