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Leerburg Retrieve Starter Kit
Based on 0 reviews

Leerburg Retrieve Starter Kit

Based on 0 reviews
  • 10" Retrieve PVC
  • 8" Retrieve Dowel with approx. 34" String
  • As used by Michael Ellis in the DVD, Training the Retrieve
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The Retrieve Starter Kit gives you the tools needed to begin the foundational training steps for teaching your dog a formal retrieve. We often start the retrieve training process with these items, as they mimic the crossbar of a dumbbell, a common retrieve item in many competitive obedience disciplines. If you are unsure of how to start teaching your dog a formal retrieve, whether it be for competition obedience, service dog work, or hunting retrievers, check out our video, Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis.

The Retrieve Starter Kit comes with 1 10" Retrieve PVC Pipe and 1 8" Retrieve Dowel with a 34" string attached.

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