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Sorry, but the Michael Ellis On the Road has been discontinued.

Michael Ellis On the Road

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Sorry, the Michael Ellis On the Road has been discontinued.

  • December 5-7, 2019
  • Located in Menomonie, WI
  • Non-refundable
  • Limited spots available
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet/Happy Hour with Michael at Leerburg on December 4
  • Accepting video submissions to work with Michael through October 27 *must be enrolled to attend the seminar in order to submit video
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Have you always wanted to attend the Michael Ellis School but couldn’t make it out to California? Have you wondered what it would be like to be a student at Michael’s school? December 2019, you will have your chance to try out the MES experience with Leerburg in northwest Wisconsin! The MES will be going on the road and joining forces with Leerburg for an information packed, condensed 3 day event that will mirror the curriculum and teaching format of Michael’s classes at his school in Santa Rosa, CA. This will not be a typical seminar, but an intense compressed learning experience that covers one topic each day.

  • Day 1: Relationship Engagement and Communication
  • Day 2: How to build and use motivation
  • Day 3: Proofing and Finishing Work

We will need 8-10 dogs & handlers for each of the 3 days to work with Michael on specific skills & problems that will fit the topic being presented. These openings will be filled via a screening/audition process and will only be offered to participants who are already enrolled in the event. Video submissions are being accepted through October 27. You must be attending the seminar and have paid the admission fee in order to submit your video. Any videos received on social media or other email outside of the event email will be disregarded.


Q: I was wondering if you could provide some more information about the Michael Ellis On the Road event that is being held at Leerburg in December. How does this program compare to the various courses offered at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers? Is there a certification offered after completion of this event? Does the format of the class include both lecture and hands on work with dogs?

A: This is a condensed version of some of the classes at Michael's school. One day will be engagement & communication, the next day will be Motivation and how to use it in your training and the 3rd day will be Finishing work, proofing, weaning off of rewards and introducing corrections. There is no certification offered as this is just a sampling of the more popular classes and it's only a 3-day event. We will be having a meet & greet social at Leerburg the evening before the event as well as give aways and silent auctions throughout the entire 3 days.

There will be lecture and dog work. The dog & handler teams that will be working with Michael will be pre-selected via a questionnaire and video audition and will be selected for their relevance to the topic of the day (all video submissions are due by Sunday, October 27, 11:59PM CDT). You must be attending the seminar and have paid the admission fee in order to submit your video. The dog/handler teams that are selected to work with Michael must already be registered for the event to be considered. I believe we will be selecting 10 dog/handler teams each day (30 total) We are expecting a great time and a big turnout.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the event even if we are not selected to work with Michael?

A: You may bring your dog, but due to the number of participants and limited space in the event facility, your dog will need to be crated in your vehicle. We have secured a meeting hall for the 3 day event due to the large number of participants. It will likely be cold the first week of December so if you do decide to bring your dog, a bed inside the crate and blanket to cover it would be a good idea. The 8-10 dogs working each day may be brought inside and crated while waiting their turn provided they won’t bark or be disruptive while the other dogs work.


To view a list of hotels and lodging options available in Menomonie, CLICK HERE. Check out individual hotel websites for pet rules.

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One of the most amazing seminar I've ever attended. Nothing is worth more than knowledge.
Michael is super nice, he explains things thoroughly and gives detailed answers to each question asked.
Thank you Cindy, Ed and everyone else at Leerburg for making this seminar possible. Mailee and I cannot wait to continue supporting Leerburg & to invest in more seminars to learn more skills in 2020. Much love!

- on

Just got home from a great time . Michael is down to earth and full of information . Ed and his crew put on a well thought out event . Carol had fun visiting with you . Keep up the good work !

- on

Customer submitted image

Cynthia & Enzo

- on

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