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Sorry, but the S-Biner TagLock has been discontinued.

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S-Biner TagLock

Based on 2 reviews

Sorry, the S-Biner TagLock has been discontinued.

  • Universally designed to fit most ID tags and collar/harnesses
  • High quality stainless steel construction with a black finish
  • Secure stainless steel wire gate closure with center locking feature that locks both gates
  • Dimensions: 1.39" x 0.59" x 0.27" (35.46 mm x 15.08 mm x 7.07 m)
  • Weight: 0.14 oz (4 g)

A durable stainless steel double-gated carabiner that features gates that lock into place. Use it to securely attach, and easily remove, your pet's ID tags to the D-ring of their collar or harness.

ID tags are only valuable when they stay attached to your pet, which is why the standard tag hangers that often come with them (either too flimsy to be reliable or too difficult to thread) leave so much to be desired. That's where our S-Biner TagLock comes in. Constructed of stainless steel, with two high quality stainless steel gates and a center lock made of tough, durable plastic. With the S-Biner TagLock, you simply clip the ID tag (or tags) to one gate and the D-ring of your pet's collar or harness to the other. Then, with a simple twist of the center lock, the gates securely lock and stay that way until you twist it open again. Sturdy, water-resistant, and ultra-secure, not only does our S-Biner TagLock provide ease of use, but peace of mind. It's simply the best way to keep your pet's ID tags where you want them (on your pet!), and also makes adding or changing tags a breeze.


Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. This carabiner is not designed for climbing.

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Verified Customer Review

These work well to hold my dog's id tags. Now I don't have to worry about the tags falling off when I take either of my dogs out.

- on

Verified Customer Review

I tried several tag locks before, none of them is solid enough to pass my dog's shake test. Sometimes I need to go back to find the lost license metal tag and rabbis tag along the route. This one is just great! Finally found this worry free tag lock.

- on

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