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Sorry, but the FitPaws Target has been discontinued.

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FitPaws Target

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Sorry, the FitPaws Target has been discontinued.

  • Sold in sets of 4
  • Each Target is 10" in diameter
  • Assorted Colors
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Fit Paws targets make a great touch pad and can be incorporated into many aspects of your training. When we train touch pads we start with an elevated object such as a rubber feeding tub. Eventually we want to fade that down into something with a lower profile. The Fit Paws Targets provide that perfect low profile touch pad that can easily be folded up into your training vest or pocket and transported with you anywhere you go.

Target training games can be a fun and engaging way to teach your dog to:

  • Step on a specific mark
  • Get used to a piece of new equipment
  • Stay in a particular place
  • Learn body awareness
  • Learn Conformation Stacking
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