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Forearm Target Sleeve
Based on 1 reviews

Forearm Target Sleeve

Based on 1 review
  • Bite surface: 4.5" tall, 2" - 4" wide, 14" long
  • 2 handles
  • Ambidextrous sleeve
  • Great for young, developing dogs

This Forearm Target Sleeve is a softer forearm bite sleeve designed with the intention of developing young dogs. Forearm bite sleeves are an excellent training tool because of their versatility. They are a great option to begin to show adolescent and young dogs the beginning stages of various exercises in IPO/Schutzhund. Because these sleeves can easily be handled both on and off the helpers body, they give us a number of options for catching dogs. This Forearm Target sleeve is also covered with French Linen, the same material used in their body bite suits, which will help preserve your dogs teeth during regular training as opposed to consistently using the traditional jute material.

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This sleeve is great for my young dog. It has some give to it which is great for building confidence and compression. Easy to travel with and pack in a larger training bag.

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