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DVDs & CDs Mark Keating Training the Touch Pads with Mark Keating
Training the Touch Pads with Mark Keating
Based on 0 reviews

Training the Touch Pads with Mark Keating

Based on 0 reviews
Training the Touch Pads with Mark Keating Cover Art
  • 1 hour, 37 minutes long
  • Released Fall 2015
  • Instructor: Mark Keating
  • Also available as a self-study online course! CLICK HERE to sign up!
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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The touch pad behavior is the act of the dog making physical contact with a desired item that is placed in a strategic location. It does so by means of standing, sitting, or laying down, with the item. This item is usually placed in a strategic location.

We feel the touch pad is one of the most useful, if not the most useful behavior we can teach our dogs. For many of us, formal training begins with the touch pad. It has many practical aspects that are easy to transition into real life, as well as a multitude of uses with helping to create and maintain some of our other obedience behaviors.

Within this DVD you will find the necessary material to successfully teach your dog the touch pads, regardless of breed, or level of training. The material in this DVD is designed for everyone and every dog. This information is going to help people who are using the touch pads to eventually train advanced obedience behaviors such as heeling, as well as the everyday house dog being trained to simply stay on their dog bed.

We find that teaching the touch pad behavior is a must for anyone and everyone ranging from house pet to star competitor. This behavior also builds drive and confidence in the dog, which is useful again for all aspects of our training.

This DVD is filled with fun, easy, and crystal clear methods designed to assist with even the most difficult of dogs. Touch pads are a joy to teach, and ultra-fun to maintain as well as advance all aspects of your relationship with your dog.

Topics Covered

  • Various methods used to teach the touch pads
  • Suitable items to use as touch pads
  • Using touch pads to shape and maintain other behaviors
  • Practical applications for the touch pads
  • Basic concept of marker training
  • Working with sensitive or stubborn dogs

What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?

DVD: 1 hours 37 minutes (physical copy and immediate streaming access)

Stream: 1 hours 37 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 72 videos (91 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Equipment used in this dvd
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