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Dog Toys Tugs Puppy Tug Set
Puppy Tug Set
Based on 0 reviews
$77.49 $65.99

Puppy Tug Set

Based on 0 reviews
$77.49 $65.99
  • 1 Leather Bite Rag
  • 1 Flat Furry Tug
  • 1 Small Braided Fleece Tug
  • 1 Rubber Puppy Tug
  • Save $11.50 with this kit versus buying pieces individually
  • Made in USA
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This tug set includes the following items:

Leather Bite Rag

Leather Bite Rag with Long Line Handle is approximately 23” long by 11 – 12” wide 53” long line handle with loop, handmade in the USA.

Many times trainers find themselves using an old towel or dish rag tied to a rope. Save money in the long run by using a heavy-duty, leather bite rag instead. It won't harm your dogs teeth and can withstand even a mature grip.

The leather on this bite rag is strong and durable. Our bite rag is not comparable to other less expensive bite rags because ours is a higher quality, heavy-duty leather.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather products are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes, but variances do occur. Actual colors of the leather may vary. Handmade in the USA.

Flat Furry Tug

These tugs are made from a fuzzy fleece material. This one handled tug is 12 inches long with a width of 3 inches.

Training tugs are a very important part of working a dog in training. Many people think they are only used for puppy work. These people are wrong. The shorter tugs are a great training aid for drive building and are used throughout the life of the dog. The tugs vary in length and diameter, which one you use will vary according to the goal of your training.

Style and color may vary.

Fleece Tugs

These tugs are soft and easy to grip, perfect for puppies or dogs just learning to tug. We like them for agility training, as they are easy to stuff in a vest or jacket pocket. Made of fleece material and machine wash and dry. Roughly 18" long from knot to knot, but may vary slightly as it is a hand-made item.

Rubber Puppy Tug

This tug is great for puppy bite work and drive building exercises. It is extremely soft and very flexible. Made at Leerburg. The rope handle is approximately 12" long and is made of durable nylon. Our puppies love this toy! We have also seen this same type of rubber tug used in agility classes in our area.

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