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Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis
Based on 1 reviews

Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis

Based on 1 review
Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis Cover Art
  • 2 hours, 50 minutes long
  • Released Winter 2010
  • Instructor: Michael Ellis
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Michael Ellis’ system of dog training has its foundation in marker training (operant conditioning). When Michael teaches the jumps, it is all done through motivational methods, there are no corrections. The foundation for all of Michael's training is covered in The Power of Training Dogs with Food and The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog. The work in these two DVDs gives trainers the tools they will need to reward their dog in any and every exercise they wish to train a dog. We recommend that trainers know and understand the foundation of food and tug training that’s covered in these DVDs before attempting to teach their dog to jump.

In this jump DVD, Michael explains in detail how to manage your dog's drive during the jumping process. When handlers put their dogs in too much drive the dogs jump flat and have difficulty in jumping. This DVD explains how to determine how much drive your dog needs to learn to jump. Some lower drive dogs need to have their drive increased while high drive dogs need their training steps modified to allow them to concentrate on what you are asking them to do.

Once a dog has learned to jump with fluency and form, we then teach the dog to jump in high drive. Dogs need to learn how to jump when they are in drive during the long jump; during the retrieve over the jump; and during the palisade.

The largest chapter deals with training the hurdle. Then it is followed by a chapter on training the long jump and a chapter on training the palisade.

Michael Ellis has a very specific step-by-step approach to train a dog to jump. His dog sport of choice is the Mondio Ring Sport which requires dogs to jump a 1.2 meters (47.2 inches) hurdle. To jump hurdles of this height with fluency and form requires a solid training program. Michael’s system works perfectly for those training in AKC obedience competitions, for Schutzhund competitors, or the French Ring Sport trainers.

The training steps for the Long Jump (or Broad Jump) are designed to be used for the Mondioring Sport. In Mondioring, the dogs have to jump 4 meters - 157.5 inches. These training steps we show in our DVD work perfectly for the AKC broad jump.

The last chapter in the DVD deals with training the palisade. Mondio 3 dogs have to climb a 2.3 meter palisade (that's 7 1/2 feet). Michael explains exactly when to start training the palisade and how to determine when to increase the height of the wall during your training steps. We explain how to pick the start point and how and when to help a dog that struggles. Correct form on palisade requires a dog to scale the wall and hook his feet over the top, then pull himself up and climb over. Because the palisade is so tall it’s important for the safety of the dog that they learn this exercise correctly.

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Hi Cindy,

I recently purchased "Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis" DVD. It is wonderful and detailed. I could see where I need to make some adjustments to training my own dog for competition.

I have purchased close to a dozen of your DVDs the ones geared towards competition are the most valuable to me as I train for AKC competition. Ed does a great job addressing the details. Watching someone's experienced dog is enjoyable but it is much easier to learn watching the teaching steps with an inexperienced dog. Looking forward to the next one.

Best Regards,

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