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Padded Service Vest

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Ends Monday, November 11th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CT

  • Comes with 1 FREE 2" x 4" patch
  • A molded handle
  • Adjustable around the girth
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURNS.
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This vest is of the highest quality construction. All seams are reinforced and only the best materials are used. This vest is made of two layers of weather resistant vinyl coated fabric. The inside of the vest is padded for extra comfort on the dog. The vest is trimmed in black nylon and is also water proof. Your K-9 partner will be highly visible and recognized as "working" while in this vest.

The vest attaches around the dog's girth (belly) with a wide quick-release snap slide buckle. There are no flopping belts on this harness which tend to catch on objects. The vest fits over the dogs head and then attaches with the snap buckle, which is adjustable. The strap that runs across the dog's chest is also two-way adjustable. This vest was designed for comfort and is not restrictive to the dog because it has only one strap around the belly/chest of the dog. The chest and belly straps are wide making it comfortable around the dog.

On one side of the vest it has plastic snap. The snap works handy to attach an ID tag or badge. On top of the vest is a handle so you can hold onto the dog. There is a reflective strip along the handle for night time safety. This vest also has three metal D-rings. One is at the top of the harness to attach your leash or long line to. The other two D-rings are on the sides of the harness.

Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash with cool water and like colors. Line dry.


Small22" - 26"
Medium26" - 31"
Large32" - 39"

What is girth?

Girth is taken from the widest part of the dog's chest behind the forelegs.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.
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Customer submitted image

I recently purchased a working vest for my dog Bella. I use for for training purpose.My GSD is reactive to other dogs and children at times so I wanted something to alert people not to run upon her. I had you to make two patches for it. one In Training and the other one Please Ask To Pet Me. I couldn't have ask for a better mad, better fit vest. I dearly love it. Cant wait to show it off. I have ordered from you in the past, but this is by far the best item that I have purchased. It is very well made and looks to be comfortable on my girl. Thank you for such an awesome product.

- on

I purchased the Large Padded Service Vest in camo for my 2 year old german shepherd because I own a paintball / airsoft field and we were experiencing some younger kids who were afraid of large dogs. When they see my dog with a service vest on it relaxes them because they have seen trained search and rescue dogs or police/military dogs wearing vests and they perceive them as friendly. Next I added the patch that says, "I'm friendly, pet me" and that's all it took. Now she gets all the attention she wants and always has someone ready to throw the tennis ball for her. The vest is very well made, sturdy and holds up to 1000's of passes through a doggie door that is not big enough for this large dog and is scraped constantly with no harm. Side "D" rings come in handy for attaching a bottle opener so adult visitors to the field are always laughing when Kaska comes to the rescue when opening beverages.

- on

Received this vest yesterday for my German Shepherd and we are very pleased! Exactly as ordered - nicely padded, durable construction, and the red color looks great! The large size fits her great. I also had a second patch put on the side, in addition to the center back, is it is placed perfectly. I couldn't be happier!

- on

Customer submitted image

Meika in the Padded Service Vest.

- on

This padded vest is absolutely phenomenal! I purchased this vest for my German shepherd Service Dog (Gunner) in black and I couldn't be more pleased! Gunner loves it too as it is very lightweight and nicely padded for his comfort. This vest is wonderful and well worth the money!

- on

Our "Working Dog" vest arrived today, and we thank you very much. It is great! Harley appreciates it very much, and the shipping was just wonderful.

Thank you,

- on

Customer submitted image

Hello Ed,

Recently I ordered the Leerburg Service Dog Harness/Vest. Like all Leerburg products, I am delighted with the quality. I am owner training my four month old American White Shepherd Walker to be a guide dog. His new vest adds a professional touch that allows me to take him in to stores with no problems and the structure of the harness with it's D rings in just the right places allows me to also use it as a guide dog harness when he gets bigger.

I am using marker training using my voice and not a clicker. Walker already knows sit, down, stay, shake and walk on a loose leash. He is also learning stop at up curbs and down curbs, forward, halt, right and left. He was bred to be a service dog and he is very intelligent and eager to please. He is well on his way to being a working dog.

I want to thank you again for the great quality Leerburg products and for all the wonderful advice and information I have learned from your website.


- on

Customer submitted image

I am not sure if you remember me or not likely not with the volume of questions and stories you guys receive, but awhile back you helped me with my young male Australian Cattle Dog. As soon as you replied I started the groundwork program with him, and I kept at it strongly, it broke him completely of all of his bad habits. I also started the search and rescue training which I had originally planned for him, this gave him a "job" which to me was a life saver in the house. Now instead of running around the house being a little terror, he is working 1-2 sometimes more hours a day with SAR training, and then coming home and being a model citizen. He is really well adapt for SAR, I see a lot of his natural ability and stamina coming through to help him in the long run. We are very close to our certification, and will certainly get it by this fall. It has certainly been a lot of fun for us to this point and we cannot wait to continue with the training, and maybe one day being able to help someone who is in need of it. Once again thank you for carrying all of these wonderful products, from the SAR vest, to the groundwork and aggressive dog DVDs and search and rescue books, to toys like the hol-ee molee, and the great selection of tug toys and teaser balls. All of your products are top notch, the support you guys offer is top notch, without your service I would likely still be at my wits end with Ozzy, rather than enjoying his youth and having a great time learning and exploring together.

- on

Just want to thank you for the great padded vest I ordered for my Rott pup. Not only does the "In Training Please Ask to Pet" patch help me walk him into crowds without people gushing over him, it has solved my problem of getting him up and down our stairs. I just slip it on him at night and in the morning and the wide webbing and handle let me comfortably lighten the load on all his joints. It's perfect. THANKS!

- on

I just received my dog's Service Dog vest and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the product as well as the fit. Thanks you for a wonderful internet experience~

- on

I ordered a padded harness vest with service dog and "do not pet" patches, it came in amazing timing and is excellent - I am very happy with it.

- on

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