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Training the Recall with Michael Ellis
Based on 18 reviews

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Training the Recall with Michael Ellis

Based on 18 reviews
Training the Recall with Michael Ellis Cover Art

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  • 59 minutes; released Summer 2012
  • Instructor: Michael Ellis
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Having a solid recall command is hands down the most important behavior you can train your dogs. As Michael Ellis always says, “You can have a dog that won’t sit, down, or stand, but you cannot live with a dog that will not come when called”. This is true regardless of your ultimate training goals. Whether you are training a working dog for high level competition, a police k9, or and every day house dog your dog must come when called no matter what.

This DVD offers a step by step training regimen that will be both simple and fun for you and your dog. In the end you will have a dog that comes when called through any distractions, or competing motivators, within the environment.

The training begins with restrained recalls. A restrained recall is a fun game you can play with your dog that will also have countless engagement and training benefits outside of the recall progression. From there you will learn how to begin adding more difficulty into your training. This is done through the use of distraction free recalls, and eventually call aways, and call offs. Once your dog is recalling through basic distractions you will learn how to slowly and methodically increase the level of distraction.

You will also learn how to incorporate low level aversive into your training. You need your dog to come when called regardless of what is going on around them. The last thing you want is for your recall command to fail as your dog is chasing a rabbit toward a busy intersection. In order to train this, we set up and control how much stress the dog is under during training. Too often people train a recall without ever adding any stress into the training. This results in a dog who will come when it is convenient for them but will fail when you need it most. By utilizing Michael's methods taught in this dvd, you will learn how to incorporate aversives as a proofing tool. You will learn too fairly and methodically layer aversives into your training, once you already trained the behavior through motivation.

Once our recall command is trained and proofed we cover real world applications and how we can subtly modify our training to fit the needs of your specific lifestyle. You will also learn how to finish your recall training with a terminal behavior. Whether you want your dog to come to front and sit, go between your legs, or into a heel position, you will learn how to incorporate those behaviors into the end of your recall command or into a series of recall commands.

The material in this DVD goes hand in hand with the rest of the Michael Ellis series of DVDs. However, this is a stand-alone training DVD. While it is recommended that you learn the foundation of Michael's training methodology covered in the Power of Training Dogs with Food, it is not necessary for training the recall.


  1. Introduction
    • What this DVD is covering, why we are doing it, how it fits in with the rest of our DVDs, and how it will be laid out
  2. Restrained Recalls
    • Positive effects of frustration
    • Putting behavior on cue
    • Voice and whistle
    • Benefits of engagement
    • How to reward, mechanics and duration
  3. Recalls in an environment free of distractions/competing motivators
  4. Recalls while focused on something else (competing motivator)
    • Must have control of competing motivator and be able to deprive dog of access (P-)
    • Food to start
    • Handler must control the value of reward for returning...value, intensity, duration
  5. Increasing intensity of competing motivator for "call away"
    • Toys, bite wedges, bites, etc.
    • Still must have control of competing motivator
  6. Difference between call off and call away, and on line harness drills
    • Call offs - ball, tug, bite, etc.
  7. Leash pressure and layering the leash over your recalls
    • Long line/flexi work - no distraction
    • Preparation for the use of P+ and R- (correction)
  8. Basic electronic collar conditioning for recall
    • R- (continuous) and P+ (nick)
    • With line work
    • Avoiding superstitious associations with both ecollar and line
  9. Finishing recall in real life situations
    • Generalization
    • Being prepared and practicing
  10. Teaching and adding terminal behaviors.
    • Heel, front, and place
  11. Everyday do's and don'ts.
    • Don't call your dog unless you have something, can make them come, or are sure they will come
    • Have rewards whenever possible during teaching phase
    • During the teaching phase, don't call your dog to put them up or call them away from something they like (unless you have something better and are sure they will come)
    • Control your distractions/competing motivators
    • Practice recalls all the time
Bought this product?

As a newbie to dog training, I didn't have a methodical approach to recall training. Michael's DVD lays out the steps and gives you the information to build a solid foundation for recall training. I now understand the importance of SLOWLY introducing the distractions and how to increase them over time. He demonstrates layering in leash pressure and introducing the ecollar which I found very helpful. I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone training their dog on this all important command. Thank you Michael.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Anytime you get a chance to learn something from Michael Ellis - do it!
The DVD takes you step by step through building drive for the recall and putting it on cue. Then you teach your dog to come despite competing motivators. You will learn how to layer pressure in a way that is fair to the dog and that does not produce superstitious associations.

Check out my video review.

- on

I love Michael Ellis--he knows his stuff and he's a very good teacher. I understand that it might be frustrating to need the help of another person, but I'd rather be taught the correct way to do something (albeit more difficult) than a less effective way that is more "convenient" for me.

I think some trainers just tell their clients what they want to hear even though it's not the best way to train their dogs. Listen to Michael: he's brilliant.

- on

Great stuff as usual. Michael walks you through all the different phases of teaching the recall and then proofing it over time, layering in corrections as necessary.

Unfortunately most of these exercises need a helper. I train alone, so I am unable to put most of the suggestions into practice :-/

- on

I watched this to go along with the "Relationship Games" course. Really glad I did. Can't wait to put these ideas into practice. I'm sure I'll watch it again and again as I progress with the recall.

Thank goodness Leerburg has a new introduction with new music!!!

- on

Mr. Ellis is right. Nothing is more important to a dog and its owner than a reliable recall. In this video, Mr. Ellis goes into great detail in explaining how to train it. His approach is based upon a keen understanding and empathy for the dog's perspective combined with a thoughtful presentation for those attempting to train. After training dogs for years, I'm quite surprised at just how much I can learn from Mr. Ellis and his approach.

- on

Michael Ellis is a great trainer and his DVDs from Leerburg are excellent. This one is no exception.

This DVD will teach you how to start recall training with your puppy, how to proof the recall in your adult dog, and all the steps in between.

- on

He has great tips that everyone can understand ~ will order more of Leerburg's training videos!

- on

An excellent well structured process to teach and proof this important exercise. I will immediately implement these concepts in my training regiment with my obedience dogs. Thank you Micheal Ellis and Leerburg for an outstanding teaching video.

- on

Excellent, specific how to's. Best recall training I have encountered.

- on

I am in total agreement with this method of training the Recall. Great DVD and great training.

- on

Excellent DVD! Best I've seen on training the recall

- on

This video is excellent for the new puppy as well as for the older dog with bad habits. Marker training is an excellent model to complement this video. It is really a step by step video, take notes on the details, and go train.

- on

Brilliant!! I love that the video was right to the point! Great detail, great video showing exactly what should be done. Definitely worth the money!!

- on

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I was a bit reserved getting this one because it wasn't as long as the other DVDs and I was worried it would lack in detail. It doesn't! It's fantastic! I can't recommend it enough (along with all the other Michael Ellis DVDs, worth every penny!).

- on

Again another fantastic video Michael Ellis! Michael, once again, gives concise instruction through both lecture and demonstration. The recall, being the most important part of any training done with dogs, training could not be more clear. This video will be of great value to everyone from pet dogs to the elite working dogs, from beginning trainers to the most experienced trainers. Thank you and keep the videos with Michael coming!

- on

Verified Customer Review

Another great video from Michael Ellis! I love that he, as always, goes into great detail about each exercise, I am never left with unanswered questions, However, the reason I did not rate this video a 5 is because I, and my fellow obedience trainers, would like to see some demos using breeds other than the really high drive Mals. Thanks

- on

Very informative and well-made---HOWEVER--I would have liked to see a variety of "real-life" situations not involving the bite cuff. The video seemed slanted toward the agitation of the bite cuff for sport. I was hoping to get something geared more toward a normal recall training for everyday use as a pet dog owner. You should let the potential buyer be made aware of that. Otherwise, it was good.

With that said, I will look forward to watching it over as I am sure I will pick up different aspects each time I watch it. Thanks.

- on

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