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Nosework: Obedience to Odor and Focused Response with Andrew Ramsey

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Nosework: Obedience to Odor and Focused Response with Andrew Ramsey Cover Art

Sorry, the Nosework: Obedience to Odor and Focused Response with Andrew Ramsey is currently unavailable.

  • Leerburg will no longer be selling the scent work videos we produced with Andrew Ramsey. Scroll down to learn more.
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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Leerburg dog training is available in 3 formats:
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Leerburg video on demand and online courses both have instant access that never expire. Video on demand has a "notes" feature that allows viewers to pause the video at any point and create a personal note. Whenever they come back to the video they can see their list of notes, and then can click on any note and the video will start from the point that note was created. Viewers can create an unlimited number of notes.


Leerburg will no longer be selling the scent work videos we produced with Andrew Ramsey. Since we produced these videos, the rules of scent detection work have changed significantly. The training in these videos don’t adequately reflect the training required for the current rules.

We recently released a very detailed, up to date online course on sport detection work with Ericka Dugan, the head instructor at the Michael Ellis School. That online course contains 25 hours of training. Click here to learn more about the online course. Also available in DVD/Streaming Video format. Click here to learn more.

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We play a game with Turk in which we hide his rope, and have him "Find It" (that's the command) he seems to enjoy the game, and even get excited to play and find it. One time we hid two ropes and he found the one we had him smell before hiding the 2nd the rope, then we did it again this time putting the 2nd rope on top the game rope, he moved the 2nd rope and grabbed the game rope. So today his Nose-work kit arrived, we took a tin with a Q-tip scented in "Cloves" we hid the tin then said, "find it" he ran in smelled around and hit on it. Patty called him back to her and it was moved, again we said "find-it" and he came running in and again found it within a few seconds. It is fun to see him start sniffing around and then move toward it, then find it. There are steps to take to have him hit and sit, or freeze, and we will follow those steps, but as far as nosework goes, it is a game he seems to enjoy, he seems to understand "find-it" and whatever the sent is he will find it.. I changed scents after a half dozen times with the Cloves, I switched to "Aniseed oil" I let him smell the new scent, said, "find it" and off he went, sniffed around and went to it. He seems like a natural and the pep in his step seems like he likes the game. He played with the Aniseed oil about a half dozen times and was done playing, from what I understand you are not supposed to play too long anyway, so I would guess the 18 or so times he played was enough, he found it all but may two times and those two times he was in the area, he just didn't point directly to it, and one of those times it was up under a cabinet, so just standing at the cabinet was pretty good, the other miss, again he was standing at the shelf it was on, he just didn't smell from the floor up high enough, so he knew he was in the area, he just laid down looking at the shelf, all the other times he put his nose right up to the tin. After that, I did it one more time, I like him to finish on the high note, so I put it where we started out, He seemed to check there first every time, he went right in and right to it, and stopped searching.

By the way, Turk has been being paid with "Praise" I know to get him to freeze or sit, I will need to pay with food. From what I am seeing, as he will wait for the payoff, after he finds the scent it won't matter if it is food or a toy, and as he learns he will wait longer by the scent for the pay-off. Turk will get his pay-off, eat it, then turn to us for praise... I know because so far, he has found the item, then looked on to us for praise. This is Fun, I am a retired Police Officer/Detective injured in the line of duty and can no longer walk, so for us this is police games Turk a GSD likes playing cops and robbers.

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