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The Foundation of Nosework with Andrew Ramsey
Based on 4 reviews

The Foundation of Nosework with Andrew Ramsey

Based on 4 reviews
The Foundation of Nosework with Andrew Ramsey Cover Art
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This DVD covers a foundation for nosework with your dog taught by trainer Andrew Ramsey. Nosework is a new dog sport where individuals can train their household pet to detect legal odors. It is 100% motivational training and has absolutely no corrections at any level of work.


  1. What’s Needed to Get Started
  2. Training Lab
  3. Three Nosework Terms
  4. Handler/Trainer Relationship
  5. First Steps of Training
  6. Toy Reward vs. Food Reward
  7. De-sensitizing Your Dog to Training Lab
  8. Dog with Serious ENVIRONMENTAL Problems
  9. Foundation of a Search Pattern
  10. Toy Reward Dogs
  11. When to Add Odor
  12. Initial Training for Food Reward Dogs
  13. Adding Odor to Training
  14. Step One Train Focused Response
  15. Learning to Use a Payment Delivery Device
  16. Reward Delivery
  17. Timing of Reward Delivery
  18. Bracketing
  19. Scent Cones
  20. Reading your Dog
  21. Oder Acquisition
  22. Training the Trainer
  23. New Trainers Learning Reward Delivery
  24. Classically Conditioning Food Delivery Device
  25. Residual Odor
  26. When to Add Blind Searches
  27. How Often to Give Help or Search Command
  28. How Long to Train and How to End Your Training Session
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I had no idea about this sport and how to teach it. It is a perfect introduction with ample demonstrations with different dogs that helps you walk through the different stages.

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Outstanding video... this is explained well

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My dog is completely hooked on Nosework! I have a 6 year old adopted terrier mix and he has never been excited about doing any kind of activity before. A friend of mine suggested Nosework for him and gave me your site.

After just a couple of sessions, Charlie was completely hooked and excited to work with me! This DVD is so easy to follow and understand that training has been a breeze.

I have to admit, I bought some other DVDs from other companies thinking I could expand on Charlie's training, but honestly, they were difficult to follow and did not contain nearly as much information as this one. Those "other" DVDs are now buried in the back of the cabinet while yours is front and center in case I need to re-watch a section.

Thank you for a quality product and helping me get my grumpy little terrier excited about working!!

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This is a great training video, Andrew is a very talented trainer, and he makes learning easy & fun for both human and dog :) I wish I could have rated it a 4.5, but the option wasn't given. Suggestions to those of you that are sitting on the edge of the "but it's kinda expensive" fence: BUY IT, buy at least the on-demand version. It's yours for 5 years and you will get more than your money's worth of information! As a trainer, I feel LB DVDs are the gift of training knowledge. A gift that keeps on giving, all you have to do is keep pressing the play button. Watch Ed's videos over and over again, that's the idea.

This vid answered all of my questions and hesitations about exactly where to begin in Nosework. The how-to's of teaching Nosework to ANY DOG (the video even addresses where to begin with shy & reserved dogs) is well addressed in the first hour, I almost caught myself falling asleep with the "yea, yea, yea we know!" boring details covered in the first hour. The meat and potatoes are covered in the 2nd hour, the 3rd hour will cover more finishing details of nosework.

If I had to go back and do it over again, I would have only watched this video in 1/3's because the human has far more to learn than the dog! So, watch it in 1/3's, take a short review or jot down some quick notes at the end of the hour, and by the time you're done watching, you'll be more than ready to teach literally ANY dog the fun sport of Nosework!

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