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Nylon Tug with Handles
Based on 0 reviews

Nylon Tug with Handles

Based on 0 reviews
  • Easy grip
  • Soft Nylon
  • 10" long, 4" circumference
  • Strong but not so hard that it causes teeth problems
  • Nylon handle colors may vary depending on design
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Nylon handle colors may vary.


These tugs are made of soft nylon, so they are soft on the hands, but are also strong enough to endure playtime with your dog. The handles make for an easy grip on the tug compared to our tugs without handles. This tug is great for the use of toy rewards during training as well as a good, old-fashioned game of tug. This tug also fits perfectly in your back pocket of your training vest or even your jeans.

These tugs are not intended to be chew toys, and can be damaged when a dog is left unsupervised with them. User discretion is advised. This is a tug that is recommended for dogs that have already started tug training.

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