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Suede Leather Flat Tug
Based on 1 reviews
$16.00 - $18.00

Suede Leather Flat Tug

Based on 1 reviews
$16.00 - $18.00
  • 10" long is 1.5" wide, 12" long is 1.75" wide
  • Leather tug with two nylon handles
  • Amish hand-made in the U.S.
  • The 10 inch tug provides a soft biting surface used for initial bite development and younger dogs
  • The 12 inch is a firmer tug

10 Inch

12 Inch


Training tugs are a very important part of working a dog in training. Many people think they are only used for puppy work. These people are wrong. The shorter tugs are a great training aid for drive building and are used throughout the life of the dog.

Tennis balls are very, very hard on dogs teeth. Bite tugs are a much better alternative. Bite tugs are also much better than solid hard rubber balls on strings. When a young dog is accidentally hit in the head with a hard rubber ball he will lose drive. When the same dog gets hit by a tug he ignores the situation and continues to chase in drive.

The Leather we use won't harm your dogs teeth and can withstand even a mature grip. It is strong and durable.

The tugs vary in length and diameter, which one you use will vary according to the goal of your training.

Drive building in adult dogs is always done with the smallest tug. These tug have one handle or two handles. It can be moved very, very quickly. The goal of drive building with a small tug is to move it around your legs and body at a speed that the dog can not get at it. Moving them around in short quick movements forces the dog to move quickly if he has the drive to catch it - when the dog misses the tug it builds frustration and frustration builds drive. Using the longer tugs does not work because the dogs are too quick. It's too easy for them to grab a long tube or the second handle on these longer tugs. So it's much easier to play "keep away" with a smaller tug.

If you want to see how the puppy bite tug is used, we suggest you view Ed Frawley's DVDs titled The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work, The First Steps of Bite Training, and Building Drive and Focus.


Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer from leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather tugs are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

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Leerburg has some wonderful tugs, I've ordered many. This one, though, is a favorite. I'll tell you why I like it so's thin, lightweight, and not cumbersome,... it lies flat in the back pocket of my vest. It's also made very well, and very sturdy. It has a nice (not overly) strong leather smell...which my pup loves! It's taken a beating and still looks great. And...that it has two handles and nothing for my dog to snag his teeth on round it out as my "go-to" tug. I highly recommend this tug for a dog familiar with tugging. If just starting to tug though, I'd suggest one of the fleece tugs, then go to this one.

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