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In The Home Crates Full Ventilation Aluminum Crate
Full Ventilation Aluminum Crate
Based on 5 reviews
$710.00 - $820.00

Full Ventilation Aluminum Crate

Based on 5 reviews
$710.00 - $820.00
  • Not included for $6.99 shipping or other shipping specials
  • Ventilation on all 4 sides
  • TIG welded
  • Two Door Crate also available
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 2-4 weeks.
  • Not eligible for cancelations, returns or exchanges
  • This item requires a custom quote shipping cost. We will email you the shipping cost for approval of additional charge. You can also request a quote before ordering by calling our office between 8:00AM - 5:00PM CT.
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The Full Ventilation Crate features ventilation on all four sides. This crate was designed with air movement in mind and this is a great feature for those dogs that must remain in their kennel all day.

The crate comes fully assembled and is Tig Welded.


  • Medium- 36" x 24" x 28"
  • Large - 42" x 28" x 32"

Perks of aluminum materials and TIG welded

Aluminum for dog crates and kennels is the perfect material because it is lightweight, strong, and does not rust. Best of all, it does not absorb the suns heat! All of the crates we offer are aluminum welded by the TIG welding process. TIG welding is a very difficult welding to do and is the welding process that we use because it is the strongest aluminum weld. TIG welding is also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). TIG welding is a high quality welding process that is used when a precision welding process is required. To do TIG welding it requires a special TIG welding machine. Many welders can weld steel but aluminum welding takes many years of experience to master. These crates are constructed by a master welder with 28 years experience.

Suggested Linings

To line the floor of the crates here at Leerburg Kennels, we use thick rubber mats cut to the size of the crates. They provide a softer surface for the dogs to lay on, and the dogs don't chew on them.

Bought this product?

Purchased this crate nearly 7 years ago (there was only 1 size available at that time), and still use it daily. It is my dog's crate when no one is home, and when I go to the track (I ride and race motorcycles) her crate comes with - it's great on those warm summer days to have all the ventilation, plus the aluminum doesn't get hot like other metals would. It's amazingly sturdy, but also light enough for me to manage on my own (if a bit awkwardly lol).

- on

Bought one (regular) for our German Shepherd 9 mo old pup (currently about 75 lbs) as he was escaping from regular kennels. He is much calmer in this kennel and cannot break out. We love it.

- on

I bought this crate 9 yrs ago for my first GSD. Now I am using it for my 5 month old puppy. This is the best crate I've ever used. I've been through every type. This crate is primarily used in my house since the pup is crated most of the time. It's very easy to clean and I did purchase the rubber mat, which I love.
I highly recommend.

- on

I have used this crate for approximately a decade with no issues. Quality product.

- on

I bought this crate almost 2 years ago. I have a 10 year old Belgian Malinois. The quality of construction is above all my expectations. The TIG welds are clean and truly beautiful to my eye. Even if you do not geek out, like I do, over craftsmanship, you will appriciate the solid build. I would recommend this crate to anyone with a working/ sporting breed. It most likely would be overkill for anything other than these breeds. I utilized the tie down points to keep the crate secured into my pick-up bed. This kept my dog safe and secure traveling to Schutzhund training events. I highly recommend the thick rubber mat as the diamond-cut metal floor might be harsh for the dog. Even this additional feature was high end. The rubber was thick and very dense. After a few days to flatten from being shipped in a roll, this has been highly durable as well as added safety to the dog.
Why only four stars? I have a Belgian Malinois. I have owned this breed long before the began gaining popularity. If you understand this breed, you will know why I mention this fact. They are what anyone would expect from a true working breed. High intelligence, athletic and outstanding trainability. I cannot even speak on the drives of this breed as there is not enough space here. Sounds normal and ideal for a dog used for work or service.
The inside of the door of this kennel has a flaw. My dog found this chink in an otherwise bulletproof armor. the metal covering the locking latch mechanism was tack welded. After a total of two hours of 'crate time,' twice a week, this four inch by four inch piece of metal was removed by my Mal. His jaws and gums were pretty beat up and a conservative amount of blood was found inside the kennel. This led our vet to recommend a pause in his training and work. That alone proved to be the most damaging to Kona as he lives to work.
Now with the latching mechanism exposed, Kona has a new problem set to solve. Two months latter, he overcame this mechanism. He was able to simultaneously use a long tooth into the bevel of the bolt type latch and pushing against the door, he was able to free himself. So, I locked the door with the provided key, even in the house. But Kona has already learned. He managed to remove the nut holding the bolt latch!!! He now can leave the kennel in under 3 minutes. I replaced the nut and bolts on the latching mechanism. I am hoping for the best. The now open back of the locking latch has become too hazardous to have my dog in this kennel unsupervised. I paid well over $500 dollars for the kennel to avoid my dog hurting himself or other 'things.'
I do not choose to slight Leerburg in ANY way. I have presented some problems. Myself and many owner/handlers I know, would recommend their training products and videos to anyone who requires the best. My experience with the folks at Leerburg leads me to know they will analyze and correct these small deficiencies, because this company actually understands the love and awe we have for our dogs. To assist this process: Crate door made from the tubular aluminum splines, like the rest of the crate; the metal protecting the latching mechanism have a continuous TIG bead, to deny determined teeth from entering 'gaps' between the metal; the small piece of metal acting as the sole latch could be welded and riveted.
Thank you for reading.
Leerburg is a great company and I will continue to purchase training products from them. After I pay to have a qualified welder fix these shortcomings, of course. haha

- on

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