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DVDs & CDs Schutzhund Handler Training for a Schutzhund I Trial
Handler Training for a Schutzhund I Trial
Based on 2 reviews

Handler Training for a Schutzhund I Trial

Based on 2 reviews
Handler Training for a Schutzhund I Trial Cover Art
  • 1 hour, 47 minutes long
  • Released 2003
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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The purpose of this video is to teach trainers how to handle a dog in a Schutzhund I trial and get the maximum number of points possible. Many times handler errors, and not dog errors result in points being lost at a competition. Many times it is handler errors that make the difference between the high scoring dog and the number two placed dog. There are times a dog fails a competition when it could have passed if the handler had only done something a little differently.

This video is dedicated towards handler training and not dog training.

The video is divided into 4 major sections:

  1. Pre-trial Preparation
  2. Schutzhund I Tracking
  3. Schutzhund I Obedience
  4. Schutzhund I Protection

The first section on pre-trial preparation explains how serious competitors prepare for an upcoming competition. We explain how a well prepared handler gets the most out of his dog and reduces stress on the day of the trial.

The section on tracking begins with preparing your dog the morning of the trial, reporting to the trial secretary, reporting to the judge before the track, laying your track for competition (what is acceptable and what is not), tracking your dog, receiving your critique and finally how to deal with a dog that is having problems on a track.

The obedience and protection sections are broken down into equally detailed sub-sections. Not only did we try and show the correct way to handle a dog in a trial, we also dealt with the most common handler errors.

If you want to get the highest possible score in a Schutzhund trial or if you just want to pass the competition, this video will help you.


The rules in this video are NOT up to date (they are from 2001). It would be impractical to produce a new video each time the rules change. If you want the current rules, then you need to get a rule book from Shutzhund USA. The methods used in this video still apply even though the rules are not updated.

Bought this product?

I found this video very helpful in overcoming my own handling problems with my dog. Some of the examples are exactly what I have done in the past, and the tips on how to resolve those issues were very helpful. My dog now has his SchHI and we are going for his II.

- on

I was a little disappointed that this is a DVR rather than a DVD, but the quality was okay. It's a little advanced for what I am doing with my dogs at the time being, but if I ever make it to any level of competition it will be quite helpful.

- on

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