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Dog Toys Fleece Tugs Handmade Round Braided Fleece Tug
Handmade Round Braided Fleece Tug
Based on 1 reviews

Handmade Round Braided Fleece Tug

Based on 1 review
  • 14-16” length
  • 3 1/2" circumference of biting area
  • Made of fleece
  • Machine wash dry
  • Colors may vary
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This tug is approximately 14-16” length and approximately 3.5" circumference of biting area. Made of fleece material. Machine wash and dry.

These tugs are soft and easy to grip, perfect for puppies or dogs just learning to tug. We like them for agility training, as they are easy to stuff in a vest or jacket pocket. We use these to develop prey drive in our puppies too.

Tugs are not chew toys

Tugs are not chew toys and should never be left with dogs alone. When tugs are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

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This is our 7 mo old GSD's favorite toy. It is really durable. When the ends of the fabric get torn and tattered we trim them and keep on playing. We have had this tug for 4 months and it is played with every single day. When it starts to get smelly we throw it in the wash and it comes out fresh and clean. Our pup loves to sink her teeth into it and it is strong enough for her to throw all 70 lbs of her behind a good game of tug.

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