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DVDs & CDs Tracking Search & Rescue Urban and Suburban Tracking
Urban and Suburban Tracking
Based on 3 reviews

Urban and Suburban Tracking

Based on 3 reviews
Urban and Suburban Tracking Cover Art
  • 2 hours, 5 minutes long
  • Released 2003
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
  • Filmed with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
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This dvd was also done with the RCMP. In it we train a dog to track in a suburban and urban environment. In Level 1 Tracking we taught the dog to track in the country. The reason all police dogs must first learn to track in the country is because the country is relatively distraction free. We actually teach the dog to track in the country and then use a large part of the Level II & III teaching the dog to deal with the distractions of the city.

In this dvd the dogs learn to deal with extreme distractions (ie. dogs barking on the other side of a fence, cats in back yards, kids following along). The dog's also learn to deal with much smaller scent pictures, more cross tracks, and extreme cover changes.

Most people think that handling a tracking dog simply means holding on to the line and just following the dog. In fact, completing a successful track is the result of 75% proper handling and 25% good dog work.

This dvd teaches hard surface road crossings along with extended periods of track loss (where the dog must search and search for a lost track). We teach the handler the true meaning of "reading your dog". Every successful K-9 handler is a master at recognizing negatives and assisting his dog in reacquiring the lost track.

If you are a canine officer in a large city, do not buy this tape thinking you can skip the Level I country training just because you never track outside the city. The country work is critical to the development of a good tracking dog. Dogs must first learn to track the country before they are exposed to distractions of city tracking. If you try and skip country tracking you will fail. Guaranteed.

Bought this product?

I am so glad I bought the Level 2 & 3 (and also the Level 1). I would like to earn the AKC and/or ASCA tracking titles. Both the regular tracking titles done in the field and the new AKC Urban Tracking titles as well.

There are a number of great tracking trainers, books, and DVDs available. But I would highly recommend adding these to anyone's tracking library.

I also have an interest in becoming a lost pet finder as a community service. Everything in these lessons can also be applied to finding lost dogs.

The first "aha!" that happened for me was the training and handling for overshooting turns. Unlike many training philosophies and methods, you get great training advice on how to work with this normal part of tracking. It's common for trainers to advise that you attempt to eliminate overshooting corners and not a lot of attention is given to good handling for those situations. I have found that you can train corners and turns to death and overshooting is still going to happen no matter what. It's better to learn to work with it than pretending you can eliminate it for all time.

The same thing with the cross track training and handling. Rather than have cross tracks turn into a big problem that we struggle against, we learn to work with our dogs and do the proper handling and training for when a dog follows a cross track for a bit.

Those are just two examples of some of the really good training and handling advice in these lessons. There's much more.

Even if our dogs aren't as talented as those in the DVDs, the same principles will apply to any type of dog. Also, learning to be better trainers and handlers will help improve the performance of any dog.

Thanks Leerburg for allowing us to learn from the best of the best at an affordable cost.

Much appreciated,

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I believe that his DVD is invaluable for anyone who has to track in the city. Teaching a dog to track under such extreme distractions can be difficult, but the methods used in this DVD help to overcome all that. Also, it teaches the handler that he is not just a post at the end of the line, he is there to assist the dog and a successful track may rely on how well he knows and can read his dog. I've seen so many handlers just stand there holding the line and the dog will be casting around looking for the track only to give up quickly because he did not get any assistance from his handler. It's too bad they didn't have this DVD!

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I recently ordered and received most of your DVDs on tracking. I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge presented. It was extraordinary to see some of the best dog trainers in the world, handlers and dogs working for perfection. Ed's narration was extremely helpful. The cues on subtle dog movements and head turning nose to the ground indications to find the lost tracks were very informative. Getting the high drive and maintaining it with positive reinforcements makes a huge difference with the dogs. I spent days at seminars with top guys and never received any teaching with this level of expertise. Thank you so much! I honestly feel like I was handed a gift. The wealth of true knowledge, freeing the dog up to think on his own paws and work it out! These methods really get the job done effectively!

I have attended classes, seminars, purchased training books to the tune of $10,000 and to think of all the frustration for my canines, they have to think people are nuts. I acquired more at hand training skills watching your DVDs than any class or training I have taken. In fact, I wish I would have seen this information first in training my dogs. The progression process and training methods are tremendous for picking, making and sustaining a rock solid high drive dog for finding anyone.

Thank you,

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