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DVDs & CDs DVD Sets Training Police (S&R) Tracking Dogs - 3 DVD Set
Training Police (S&R) Tracking Dogs - 3 DVD Set
Based on 1 reviews
$140.00 $125.00

Training Police (S&R) Tracking Dogs - 3 DVD Set

Based on 1 review
$140.00 $125.00
  • 3 DVDs Total
  • Save $15.00 by purchasing as a set
  • Produced by Leerburg with the RCMP in Canada
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This DVD set includes 3 DVDs that focus on Police K9 and Search & Rescue topics.

Ed Frawley produced the three DVDs in this set with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the RCMP National Police Dog School at Innisfail, Alberta Canada. The school has been in existence since 1935. The 20 week RCMP K9 handler course produces the best police tracking dog’s in the world.

The majority of American police tracking dogs are mistakenly trained in foot-step tracking. This is the style of tracking used in dog sports like Schutzhund or IPO. This is a very slow method of tracking. It’s also a fundamentally wrong for police service work. The RCMP train their dogs to trail. In trailing, the dog learns to follow a track at a dead run. The system focuses on teaching dogs to find a lost track, both at the start of the track and at the corners of the track.

In Canada Civilian Search and Rescue Dog, teams must to be certified by a RCMP dog handler before the civilian can be used in actual real life search mission. There are three levels of tracking by the RCMP. Civilian S&R teams must pass the first level of tracking. This is a 5 km track with 2 road crossing and a back track.

Just as the majority of police service dogs are mistakenly trained in foot-step tracking, the majority of American S&R groups make the mistake of training their dogs to air scent before they learn how to track. The problem is once a dog has been taught to air scent it is almost impossible to teach that dog to put its nose down on the ground and follow a track. This does not happen in Canada, which is why the Canadian find so many more victims than American S&R groups.

Our first DVD covers the training involved in the RCMP level one tracking certification. The Second DVD covers Urban and Suburban (level 2 or level 3) tracking.

Our third DVD deals with training people to become track layers. The ability to train a police tracking dog becomes infinitely easier if the person laying the training track knows and understands what they can do to help the dog when they lay the training track. There is so much more than simply going out and walking 5 km and then waiting for the dog to find them. That is the goal of our third DVD in this set.

Bought this product?

This video training series is outstanding. It's easy to get disciplined that "one way is the only way" but the RCMP program is a good realistic step by step program that teaches K9's to follow human scent.

I was running trailing dogs for 10 years when I was first shown this series some years ago. My first thought was "where has this been? This teaches all I believe plus!!!" There is nothing better in learning what dogs do on trail than watching handler after handler working dogs doing it right and wrong and learning from the examples. It is a outstanding visual learning process.
Little wonder that all the modern NFL players all grew up playing football video games. By the times players today enter the NFL they have seen more visual action than retired Hall of Fame Players saw in their entire life. Watching a video one can visually see methods done right over and over again providing visual resignation and awareness of what trailing is all about in a real time situation.

Check it out. I don't think you will be disappointed. Some people try to make trailing dogs some mystical event. Done right it is practical and realistic.

Terry C. 25 year SAR DOG Trainer and Handler.

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